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This is a 2e rebuild of Monkey, a character in JesseLowe/PirateMonkey game. For the old 1e version at the end of the first game, see JesseLowe/Monkey1e.

Motivation: Everybody should be free to make their own way, and thus sooner than later, I shall make it so.


  • Free will is sacred, and thus, be it in my power, I shall defend it.
  • And yet your word is sacred, and thus, be it in my power, I shall enforce it.
  • And so that none may force me into anything and none can stop me from keeping my word, I shall gather power enough.


  • Complicated stuffs are too... complicated. I'll go for the direct and straightforward.
  • I know nobody as well as I know myself. Thus I shall rely on myself first and foremost.
  • I shall not back down from worthy challenges for I am the greatest fighter in Creation.


  • I gave my word to help Taiyo Kaizoku for a year. Again. I shall do so.
  • There are people who has sworn to serve me. I will not let them down.
  • And yet there are women pretty enough, fine enough, delightful enough that surely there's no harm in helping them without promising anything and no need to let them down, even when they haven't promised anything to me in exchange.


Character Type: Solar Exalted
Player: Tony Chen
Caste: Dawn
Concept: hot-blooded, happy-go-lucky pirate
Anima: A giant albino gorilla


Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 5
Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3


Dawn: *Archery 2, *Martial Arts 5, *Melee 5, *Thrown 1, *War 2
Zenith: Integrity 3, Presence 3, *Resistance 4, Survival 1
Twilight: Lore 1, Medicine 1, Occult 2
Night: *Athletics 5, Awareness 3, *Dodge 5, *Larceny 5, Stealth 1
Eclipse: Linguistics 3, *Sail 5
Note: * = Favored skill.
Note: Languages spoken: Seatongue (native), Low Realm (expert), Skytongue (basic), Old Realm (basic), Firetongue (basic), Riverspeak (basic)

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 5
Backgrounds: Ally 2, Artifact 2, Contacts 4, Cult 1, Influence 3, Resources 4, Followers 4
Willpower: 10, Essence: 5, Essence Pool: 25 personal and 56/58 (committed 2)
Virtue Flaw: Foolhardy Contempt (Valor)
Limit Break: X X X X X O O O O O

Merits: Ambidextrous (+2)
Flaws: Wanted (for piracy, -2), Known Anathema (-2)


Combo: Irreverent Monkey Humbles The Tiger: Distractingly Lewd Gesture, Poo-Flinging Strike, Leaping Dodge Method, Seven Shadow Evasion.
("Irreverent Monkey Humbles The Tiger" combo visual effect is a tropical jungle scene. Verdant, lush, and rife with an army of monkeys.)
Combo: Catastrophy Avoiding Coincidence: Reflex Sidestep Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion.
("Catastrophy Avoiding Coincidence" combo visual effect is the an exaggerated performance of a coincidence that causes the attack to miss. In battle, the anima totem flares into being and mimics the performance.) Combo: Seven Monkeys In The Orchard: Obnoxiously Loud Shriek, Shadow Over Water, Catching The Thrown Focus, Wit of The Raven.
("Seven Monkeys in the Orchard" combo visual effect is simian shadows cavorting in a fruit orchard. The shadows, startled, shriek and scatter, except for one, Monkey, who acts/reacts appropriately.)

Equipment: Dragon Tear Tiara, Freedom Stone, 10 knives, 4 flame pieces, 2 dresses, a good luck charm, a seagull ward-talisman, and one traveling cloak in Lookshy style.

Join Battle: 5 (usually doubled to 10)
Clinch: Speed 6, Acc 10, Damage 3B piercing, Defense -, Rate 1, Piercing
Punch: Speed 5, Acc 11, Damage 3B, Defense 12, Rate 3
Kick: Speed 5, Acc 10, Damage 6B, Defense 8, Rate 2
Knife: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 5L, Defense 10, Rate 3
Thrown Knife: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 5L, Rate 3, Range 15
Flame Piece: Speed 5, Accuracy 7 , Damage 8L, Rate 1, Range 8, Flame, Single Shot

Dodge DV: 8, Parry DV: 6 (MA fist), 5 (Knife), 6 (Staff) Soak: 4B/2L/0A (unarmored)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/ Incapacitated

Total XP: 560 (if done as BP: 228)

Character Description

Monkey's a young man, a bit short (5'4"). Short black hair, usually stylishly messy. Not muscular, but fit. He usually goes around barefoot wearing a red jacket. On hot days, he wears a light-colored bandanna. Monkey almost always has a knife tucked in his belt, but when he's expecting trouble, he'll wear a bandolier of knives and have at least two pistols around. No, no straw hat.

History =

Monkey grew up Lapping Water, one of the many small islands of the West, so insignificant that most cartographers would not include it in their grand maps. His childhood was not remarkably different from others of his village. Perhaps slightly quicker to learn, perhaps better at swimming and sailing, but not enough to attract the notice of the rich and powerful. His love of tall places and long limbs earned him the nickname Monkey, and pretty soon everyone was calling him Monkey affectionally.

This changed when he reached puberty. In a few short years, from being just one of the boys, he became the leader of the boys and sweetheart of the girls. Had history went the way people expected it, Monkey would've become First Hunter and marry the chief's daughter and taken a Warrior Name within five years, and Lapping Water would've been a stronger village because of it. Alas, in the Age of Sorrows history is rarely peaceful.

(not finished)

Expanded Backgrounds

Following house rule, ally works slightly different. Each dot gives either a powerful ally, two minor allies, or a group of weak allies. I counting the Dragon Kings as weak allies and Master Jaff and Cha Delgerai as minor allies. I might have Jaff's and Delgerai's usefulness wrong though.

Ally: PelepsLeden and AuspexInCrimson . The Solar and Abyssal lovers we rescued.

Ally: MasterJaff was Monkey's familiar. Originally he was an extraordinarily intelligent monkey, who was practically given to Monkey by "this weird old man" during one of the shopping expedition. For his part in the campaign against Mask of Winters, he gained divinity and is given the task of being the liaison between the Solar Wind Fleet and Heaven. To this day, he still wouldn't say who was the "weird old man" and who exactly gave him the divine status.

Ally: ChaDelgerai is the god of Tanjung, the new Marukani Capital after the fall of Celeren. There is some questions on how he gained his position, as Tanjung did not even exist until after the fall of Celeren, after which the godseed of Yeke Delger, city father of Celeren, was buried in the patch of land that was to become Tanjung. Nevertheless, the god of the place has claimed descent from Yeke Delger and is using his newly-found power to provide every incentive to the horselords to make Tanjung the new capital.

Ally: Kurushka Technically, this is Kurushka and friends, as there should be an entire tribe of Dragon Kings who owes us for their sentience and freedom.

Artifacts: Dragon Tear Tiara. +1 to Perception, +3 if the Perception roll is related to occult things. Was previously worn by StillMoon, the previous host of Monkey's Solar shard.

Artifacts: Factory Cathedral. Way back in The West, a factory cathedral churns artifacts and perfect mundane items for the Solar Wind Fleet. Of course, what it really means that it's a plot point if the GM ever feels like exploiting that. (Cost is shared with Kaizoku. Monkey provides 2 BP, Kaizoku 3.)

Contacts: Shalrina of Nexus. Monkey owes her a favor already, but even so Shalrina might be willing to lend a hand or whisper a secret in exchange for yet another favor owed.

Contacts: AmbassadorToTheUnfortunate "Next we meet together, it shall be as friends." And so far there has been no reason to think otherwise.

Other Notes

Limit Break 5
Willpower 7/10
Personal 25/25
Peripheral 17/58 (2 committed to artifact)
15 BP left
Note: has Freedom Stone. Can't be grappled or tied up or similarly restrained against his will.


10/28. Added BP for 3 weeks. Raised Presence by 1 dot. Raise Awareness by 1 dot. Raised Sail by 1 dot. Added Occult by 1 dot. Added Athletic charm Spider Foot Style.
11/5. Added BP. 15 BP left.