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The city of Tender is a small river port between Nexus and Great Forks. Though nominally independent, it is heavily influenced by the power of the Walker in Darkness and sees some trade with his realm. Tender is a trading town, founded a few centuries ago where the Cloudy River flows into the Yellow. It has a population of around twenty thousand, and supports little heavy industry. Its port can handle almost any ship likely to dock there, and a small shipyard is in operation as well.

Tender is ruled by a pair of monarchs advised by a council. The Day Monarch is responsible for all things under the sun, including trade, public works, civil law, and the like. The Night Monarch is responsible for those things that the stars shine on; by custom, this includes war, criminal law, and dealings with the dead. The militia acts as both civil defense and city watch, and is currently backed up by a competent mercenary company. A Guild factor controls much of the commerce through the port.

Religiously, Tender is pretty firmly in the grip of the Hundred Gods Heresy, although there is a small Immaculate shrine a mile south of the city.

Staying in Tender: There are many inns and caravan hostels available in the city. The one most suited to PCs is the Bed of Lakmi, a three-storied building with a good-sized courtyard in the center.

Local Figure: Flowing Lion is a scavenger lord now fallen on hard times -- none of his recent finds turned out at all well.


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