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Contact Board

This page is for the use of "looking for players" advertisements and the like. It is probably a good idea to note the date next to your request.

Players Seeking Games

Wow! First one to do this apparently. o.O Anyway! I'm looking for an online Exalted campaign if anyone's running one and has openings. ^_^ Umm, you can get in contact with me on my wiki-page since I tend to fiddle around with it daily. Just leave a message in the Lynchings section. --Setsuna

Oooh, second! I'd love to play in a game, either online or in person (Tallahassee, Florida). My schedule's kind of funky, though. Contact me on my wiki page under Comments at the bottom. Also running two games currently, one online (using the Pyramid Online boards, so currently only open to Pyramid subscribers, sadly) and one in person but very infrequently. -- JesseLowe (March 16, 2005)

Games Seeking Players

*cough* Gosh. Well, we've got an Solars IRC game that could use an extra player or two. We run on Wednesdays, 8:00 pm EST, and sessions generally last about 4 to 5 hours. My players said to talk about "themes, plot direction," etc. here, so, lessee... there's pirates, swashbuckling, epic plots to ruin/repair the world, inter-Exalted romance, and ancient lost technologies. Also, beautiful people doing beautiful things. And someone gets thrown through a plate-glass window at least once a session. Which is a real feat, considering the whole thing is set in the West.
We have a "lady Achilles" Dawn Caste, a "former slave on a major vengeance kick" Zenith, a "Wyld-warder-turned-sorcerer" Twilight, and we've lost our Night and Eclipse Caste players. The Night has been written out with an option to renew, and the Eclipse is sticking around for personal reasons. Any Exalted types are welcome, although of course we'd prefer to keep things Celestial-level.
We're currently around Session 20 and still going strong. Players of all types welcome; all we ask is a fondness for roleplaying and, y'know, general courtesy at least most of the time. Check out BountyOfTheSeas for more info, including old logs and character descriptions.
To reply, put a Comment on DigitalSentience with some contact info, or IM me at same.
(March 17, 2005)

Excelent. I'm looking to find a few players in the Denver, Co area, which I recently returned to. I have one newbie interested, but we need a bit more. I'm thinking of running a game bassed around the build up to the succesion war, and (if possible) make it a mixed group- you know, a solar or two, a sidereal, maybe a lunar or DB or a mountain folk. Or an abyssal, if you're into that sort of thing. Best way to reply is my gmail- which I check multiple times daily. LHydra, aug 5 2005

I'm planning a game on where DBs lead an army in the service of the Realm. Look for Exalted: Echoes from the Depths. - ScrambledValkyrie - Sep 3 2005


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