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This is a page for general discussion of ships of the sea (and river, and lake, and...) in Creation. For discussion on ships of the air, see SkyShips or AirShips.

The ships of Creation are described in Savage Seas.

Size Comparisons

This list compares the lengths of various craft in Creation with vessels from the real world, to give an idea of how big Creation's ships are.

  • Small Coaster -- 34 feet
  • Fast Courier -- 36 feet
  • Small Yacht -- 53 feet
  • Marine Assault Bireme -- 65 feet
  • Coastal Trader -- 70 feet
  • Oseberg ship (Viking drakkar) -- 72 feet
  • Large Yacht -- 73 feet
  • First Age Light Warship -- 84 feet
  • Blue-Water Merchant -- 106 feet
  • Standard Athenian Trireme -- 121 feet
  • Imperial Trireme -- 130 feet
  • U.S.S. Constitution (frigate) -- 175 feet, not counting bowsprit
  • Imperial Trireme Tender -- 180 feet
  • Large Merchant Ship -- 194 feet
  • First Age Heavy Warship -- 203 feet
  • H.M.S. Victory (100-gun ship of the line) -- 225 feet
  • S.S. Titanic (ocean liner) -- 885 feet

Ship Cargo Capacities

One thing sadly lacking from Savage Seas' ship descriptions is a notation on how much cargo each ship can carry. This is rather important for Guild or piratical campaigns... These are some ballpark figures for the cargo ships in Savage Seas; military ships are not included, because triremes and biremes aren't meant to carry more than about a ton or so and trimaran hulls were a real pain in the butt to figure out.

Small Yacht: around 60 tons total; 20 tons cargo
Large Yacht: around 120 tons total; 40 tons cargo
Small Coaster: around 45 tons total; 15 tons cargo
Coastal Trader: around 180 tons total; 60 tons cargo
Blue-Water Merchant: around 450 tons; 150 tons cargo
Large Merchant Ship: around 2,400 tons; 800 tons cargo

Go to JesseLowe/TradeGoods for some cargos.

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