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Hello everyone. I'm a long time Exalted player and ST. I've written up a little something to share.

"Now in those days there were many things walking the earth that we rarely see today. There were ghosts and demons, and spirits of all kinds; there were beast gods and little gods and great gods; there were all manner of entities, beings and wraiths and creatures, both kind and malevolent." - Neil Gaiman, The Dream Hunters


Indelible Unambiguous Signet - ImaginalDisc

Solar Aspected
Manse •••••
Trigger: 1 Mote

This opaque amber stone, with fleks of gold embedded in it has a flat surface which shows prominently when the hearthstone is placed in a socket. Upon the expenditure of a single mote, the user may cause a message of no more than 88 words, in addition to the character's full name along with any honorifics, to appear on the surface of the stone in gilded golden Old Realm characters. Oddly, the characters are backwards, as though viewed in a mirror.

When the user presses the hearthstone against any solid surface, even one made of the five Magical Materials, the characters appear on the suface. No effect short of Sorcery of the Circle of Adamant or power of equivilent magnitude can remove the characters without destroying the object the characters are imprinted upon. The user's name is always included. If the user commits a single mote to the impression the hearthstone makes, any creature capable of understanding language will fully comprehend the message and the character's name the instant they perceive it whether by sight, touch or other means. Furthermore, using the hearthstone in this manner imparts to the object a degree of indestructabilty. If using the Savant and Sorcerer rules regarding artifact creation, this effect imparts the equilvent of ••• script immunity on mundane materials, •••• script immunity on Manses, artifacts, and objects made of the five Magical Materials. Commiting one mote of Essence as detailed above increases those ratings by •

This Hearthstone was occasionaly used in the First Age to send messages, or post notices which would endure misfortune and disastar, but was most frequently used to adorn Artifacts or Manses with exultant poetry that would serve to make the object more durable. Many suriving Artifacts which bear poetry or prayers on them were once empowered by this effect.


Thanks for the charm ideas for my name generator! I have implemented them now - go have a look! I'd appreciate any ideas for other charm words if you have a moment to think of them. Cheers - Voidstate