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Waits in Darkness

  • Nature: Hypocritical Asshole
  • Virtue Flaw: None, I'm betting
  • Age: Over 4,000
  • Essence: 9. Yes, 9. The only reason it isn't 10 is because that would be too obvious.
  • Weapon: Six-foot Orichalcum Grand Daiklave named Reason, normally lodged up his butt, which is the DM's idea of Elsewhere. Can be used for extremely precise perfect attacks which will not trigger Suprise Anticipation Method
  • Other Possessions: Owns a brothel/inn/bar in Nexus, has goons who can beat up Solars, but needs Solars as servants anyway. Wants eyes and ears to have teeth.


I could be off, But I was fairly sure that him being 4,000 years old would mean he'd been around when Autocthon was merely considering the idea of Exalting humans, let alone prototyping. - Trithne

Don't think so. I hear Chejop Kejak is nearly 3,000 years old, and he was alive and kicking at the time of the Usurpation. Given that the first age wasn't just a passing fancy, but more like a few thousand years on it's own, I'm thinking Autochthon's little experiment was some 5,000 years ago. Still, that means a first-age Ess 9 Solar that should, in all rights, have learned enough presence+stealth charms to convince everyone of anything without them knowing. -- GreenLantern

The Autocthonian year is ~4800 or so, implying that Chejop is nearly that old and that the First Age lasted over three thousand years. -Xeriar

To confirm that, check the max age of sidereals. They can't lengthen it, and Chejop is about to die (in celestial terms, he's on his deathbed. only a century or two now!) so you can backfigure from that to get another approximate length.
-- Darloth

Oh, I'm sure they can lengthen it somehow. In fact, just the other day, when I was in line at the 7-11, this Sidereal Master behind me whipped out this crazy mad "I'm standing on my left pointer finger" thing. When I asked him about it, he muttered something about the ancient Granite Fortress of Years Style or something. Anyway, he seemed to be about 5,000 years old, so I'm guessing he had some sort of trick going. -- GreenLantern
Now that is a compelling argument. -- Hapushet, who just happens to be an adept of Resplendent Blossoming Snark Style
If they -can- last longer, I bet it involves the yozis or malfeans in some way ^^ FluffySquirrel
I imagine that since they are fated to die by the Maidens, pulling them out of fate permanently might help them get around that restriction. Who better to help them do that then former primordials?