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Eniko's God-Blooded Merits and Flaws


Force of Will Aura
3pt Supernatural Merit, God-Blooded and Half-Caste only
Prerequisites: Awakened Essence

      The character has not only awakened their Essence, they've gained further control of it. While normally auras are involuntary things inflicted on the Exalted and some unfortunate God-Blooded, this merrit gives a character control over the chanelling of their Essence, at will they can channel their personal Essence outwards, making an aura of power - determined by heritage - flare up. Please note that this merit in no way reverses the effects of the Aura of Power flaw, although a character with that flaw could still take this merit if they wished to channel personal Essence towards their aura.
      Characters may choose to create an aura when channeling Essence normally, or they may actively pay motes of Essence like Exalted. Characters that lack caste marks such as Demon-Blooded, Fae-Blooded and Ghost-Blooded may channel 1 mote of Essence to create a more localized version of their full aura instead of having a caste mark flare brightly. For instance a Demon-Blooded who's aura causes billowing infernal looking flame to surround them may focus that effect so the flames appear to be coming from her eyes, or wreathing their hand in it instead. Demon-Blooded who have the Mark of Infernal Favor merit (Exalted Players Guide, page 70) may instead opt to have it flare brightly instead of a caste mark. For more information on non-Exalted auras see the Aura of Power merit: Exalted Players Guide, page 67.


None... yet.

Work in Progress


Variable cost merit, demon-blooded only, blah blah

Incurs Unholy, Denizen of Beyond and Walking Blasphemy.
Attributes: 3bp or 7xp per dot, max 7 in any attribute.
Mutations: 2bp or 4xp per mutation point, max 6 mutation points total.
Health Levels: (maximum equal to willpower bp, or 2*willpower xp)
- 2bp or 4xp for one -1 health level
- 1bp or 2xp for one -2 health level
- 1bp or 2xp for two -4 health levels
Innate powers: 4bp or 9xp per power or charm, max equal to permanent essence rating



Just to clarify, I don't claim to be anything other than a mortal. Maybe a heroic mortal. --MF