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Important note!

This page has been archived for posterity, for my art you are advised to go to DeviantArt.

Morrigu's Exalted Artwork

I like art. Kindasorta. I know I'm no Muran, but I definately try. Since I was accumulating this stuff a bit I decided to lump it all into one page for people who just wanna look at the pretty pictures. Though said prettiness is debatable. All artwork here is mine. Steal it and I will get my plasma-tongue repeater pistols and unleash the Caress of a Thousand Hells on you. And that's aggravated damage, biatch.

You can find more of my artwork at Snarktastic! the gallery.

2d artwork

2d is my preferred mode of operation. Clicketh the thumbnails to see pictures in all their bigger glory. Mkay? Colored stuffs first. Newest works are at the top of their respective section (B&W and Color). Hur. New pictures are tagged with red blinky "NEW".

Colored art

http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/newise-03_t2.gif || http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/new.gif
Colored (flat cause I'm lazy) new looks for Iselsis.
I should probably do more on these at some point.
I figured I'd post these as the B&W ones can be hard to make out sans color. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/flowerbook_t.jpg || Iselsis' flower book (session log forthcoming)
Made in about 45-60 minutes from scratch, free hand painting. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/iselsis_vector_t.png || I was puttering around with flash.
When trying to make a music video this came out, and I like it. (Iselsis) || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/wylddays_t.jpg || Portrait of Child of Wyld Days.
Made because a description of her mouth of all things gave me a vivid mental image. ^^; || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/iselsistemple_t.jpg|| Iselsis' temple manse on the outskirts of Windia.|| ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/iselsiscg_t.jpg || Portrait of Iselsis.
This was done before I'd really killed my 3 year stretch of artist's block dead.||

Black and White / Sketches

http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/newise-03_t.gif || All new looks (3 versions) for Iselsis.
Think this trumps my "best piece" from before, just so much style. x_x || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/iselsiswip_sk_t.gif || RAWR. Hugebig good Iselsis picture.
Will inevitably be colored and such, but for now here. Best work yet. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/cuterakshamonster_t.gif || Quick 15 minute job of a mental image I had of a raksha who feeds on fear and terror.
Lulls people into a sense of security and then turns into a hideous monster and EATS THEM. ... Yeah. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/martialartsdude_t.gif || Random pissed off MA using Dragonblooded.
I was doodling and this came out. Not so tidy, but a good pose and action. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/brawlergirl_t.gif || Portrait of my character Aeryn Katriona
Possibly my best work so far. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/fran1_t.gif || Unfinished chibi picture of my character Franciska. ||

3d work

There will never be much here, but eeeehhh!

||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/isedone_t.jpg || Finished body base for Iselsis.
Smoothed once before rendering, 3900ish tris. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/iselsiswip_t.gif || Unfinished body of Iselsis.
Animated so you can see all sides. || ||http://enichan.no-ip.com/exartt/iselsishead_rar_t.jpg || Head of Iselsis.
Lacks ears and hair and hat. ||


Please leave nice messages here to soothe my fragile ego. kthx. -- Morrigu

The Aeryn Katriona sketch is indeed your best work, at least of what's displayed here. Nice design and personality to that character. Did you paint that temple freehand or did you use a reference? Resplendence

I've been thinking of inking and coloring that sketch. But ehh, so lazy. Hate inking so much. X_x
I cheated a bit on the temple, I have to admit. I had a very old black and white picture on a layer below, to paint over. I'm not very good with free hand painting yet so I needed the help. I think the only things I wound up using it for is the lower part of the building, especially the roof overhang, since I kept getting it wrong. The rest is mostly original.
Also! Thanks for the comment. :) Was afraid everyone would miss this page and it'd slip quietly into obscurity. On another note I was looking at your art page yesterday, it seems most of the links are dead? -- Morrigu
I hate inking as well. You can always go for a artsier look by keeping the pencil lines and use quick, simple coloring. That can look very nice. Or you can just be careful with the pencil line drawing and clean it up in Photoshop with filters.
As for freehand drawing, I've used your trick before. Another thing I'm playing around with is rendering a background in 3D, but only the outlines, and using them for painting.
I forgot to change the links when I updated my webpage. I'll see if I can update them easily. In the meantime, please use my webpage: miketilly.com Resplendence
I shall have a look-see! -- Morrigu

I dunno, but I think they are pretty good. If I give ya the description of things, Will you draw them? Huh? Huh? Think of it as.. uh.. practicing your artistic skills? :) Now, have a scottish cookie. That's like a normalcookie, only with a much cooler accent. - Molikai

Thank you. But I'm still very skittish about taking requests and the like, so I'd rather pass. ^^; And thank you for the cookie! -- Morrigu
Tell you what, have a pack of English cookies for that flower book. They're like Scottish cookies, but easier to understand (:P @ Molikai). I almost can't believe you managed to get something that looked that good that quickly. --Somori
Oooo, cookies and a sense of fulfillment, (har, I made a funny) what more could a girl ask for? :) -- Morrigu, who is really quite surprised she did that too
Sense of fulfillment? Am I just going to have to embarress myself by trying to figure out how that's funny? -- Somori

On another note, I'm entertaining the thought of tagging a big colored "NEW" tag onto new images. Mostly because the new Iselsis picture at the top of sketches and B&W seems to have been overlooked. Um, well, I know which ones are new, so if you'd like me to start doing that, leave a comment please! -- Morrigu

Sounds like a plan. Calling them out into a seperate section as well as the category might work as well. -- Somori