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Campaign Overview

This is a Dragon-Blooded campaign I'm running PBEM for a friend of mine back in the States - the same guy who's running the Solar campaign for me, as a matter of fact. Both are solo. It's based very loosely indeed on Richard Adams' great book Shardik - why make up a little Threshold kingdom when you can steal one wholesale from literature?

It's worth noting that the main PC, Tepet Kenjarek, is one of the 11 semi-finalists for the PG cover contest. Read about his exploits, feel his coolness, and vote for him!

Damn, Kenjarek didn't make the top 5, but Production Brian still asked me to submit a more elaborate decription, so we'll see what happens.Davidl/I>

Dramatis Personae

House Rules

The only real house rule I'm using is for mass combat. I've modified the rules in Savage Seas for land combat, changing the "ship handling" characteristic into a "discipline" characteristic, which adds to the unit's initiative. The system works quite well.

Campaign Logs

One of the nice things about PBEM is that we have a complete log of everything that's gone on. (Well, except for the blow-by-blow dice-rolling stuff, which I don't put in the updates.) So here they are.

  • Part the First: The RoadToBekla, <i> wherein our heroes arrive at a backwater Threshold republic, some foreshadowing occurs, and prospects are seen for adventure.
  • Part the Second: HuntingTheLallocs, wherein our heroes track down and destroy vile fair folk slavers, Kenjarek learns something new about his sister (wink, wink), and the grateful peasants thankfully only worship their saviors a little bit.

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