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Cricket and Kestrel


more story?

I really like this story! It's fun! Is there still any interest in the WBM, cause if there is, we should really get started up again. I'll sign up for the next part if someone replies to this and tells me that they'll get involved in this or another story too. Come on! This was too cool an idea to die! -- CrownedSun

thoughts about characters

I thought it might be kind of interesting to talk about how people go about writing the various characters. For instance, in my parts, when Sauda talks to people, she also tends to be touching them.

When I write about Shoat, I think of her as being fairly guileless; her childish anxiety is real, even though its source is different from what the other characters assume.

Cricket is sort of mopey, but with an edge to her which I have not, to date, been great at capturing.

What thoughts do you all have?

I almost always picture Sauda sort of standing in almost a C-shape, as if she herself were almost a small curlicue of shadow. But it feels difficult for me to capture her movement as smokelike and insubstantial-- to me, it always comes off more slippery than elusive on my part. The revelation in my last chapter that perhaps Sauda once had emotional capacity lead me to try to write her more solidly, but she wasn't around much in my chapter, so I'm not sure that came out.

As far as Cricket goes, I think her edge is vitally important to her character-- it's what makes her angst captivating and not annoying. Her edge keeps her from becoming Piro from MT, you know? But it's hard to do right. Too little edge and she becomes a caricature of herself. Too much edge and she seems more bitchy than hauntingly sad. It's a fine line, but one that I think has been walked pretty well by everyone involved. --dissolvegirl