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In the first age there where four Titans, one for each direction. They were huge floating fortresses that moved around their assigned direction throwing entire cities into shadow and showing the power of the Deliberative by their very existence.

Mount Metagalapa

Mountain in the Scavenger Lands north of Greyfalls that for some reason floats several hundred feet above the mountain range where it used to belong. It is populated by aggressive Hawkriders , their condor riding merchant brethren, a few dozen Dragonbloods, and a large populations of birdmen (some civilized, some wild).

Battle Fortress Metagalapa

After reading about the Titans I had the bright idea that, while actually producing one in the Second Age would be COMPLETELY impossible, it might be possible to jury-rig one from scraps of First Age magitech and the conveniently floating Mount Metagalapa. After all, the mountain already floats, one would just have to figure out some sort of propulsion device.

Note - I came up w/this before Dreams of the First Age

Propulsion Ideas

There are several ways that enterprising players could come up with to enable Metagalapa to become mobile. Here are a few. Not all of these are mine as I posted this on the Exalted Forum awhile back.

Using first age magitech the mountain could be moved the same way that the Titans were moved. It would just become a matter of finding or making the needed components. One thought I has was the players could find the wreckage of a Titan. After some fiddling they would find that whatever made it hover was destroyed, but that the essence turbines or whatever move it are still functional. This would allow you to make an adventure out of just moving the parts from where ever the wreck was to Mount Metagalapa.

If you want a more mystic propulsion system then you could use the idea someone on the forum had (I wish I remembered who so I could give them credit). Their thought was a system that relied on hearthstones where the mountain could only move toward a manse whose hearthstone was plugged into the "engine". Want to go the Blessed Ilse? Well you better go get a hearthstone from a manse there. I kinda like this idea, but at the same time it would kind of be a pain if you had no hearthstones near where you wanted to go.

As an out growth of the above idea (and the Darkness series by Harry Turtledove) I thought about some kind of propulsion system that enabled the mountain to move along dragon lines. It keeps the mystic part that I liked from the hearthstone idea, while removing the dependence on hearthstones. The Storyteller could still say that the dragon lines didn't run in a straight line to the destination which could lead to some interesting side treks, while still letting the characters go where they wanted.

I also thought of fairly inefficient, destructive method, whose main advantage would be that it didn't rely on lots of magic. Imagine dozens of gigantic grappling hooks complete with long massive chains and huge geared spools. The hooks fire out in the direction of travel and anchor themselves. Then they are reeled in pulling the mountain along. I think this would be INCREDIBLY slow, and leave a massive trail of devastation behind, though it would enable movement...and I could see some abyssals doing it.


I know actually doing this would be a HUGE investment of time and materials, however I view it as something which an entire series could be based upon. What do you guys think? - BlackFlame