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This will just be some ideas that are bouncing around in my brain. Not very fleshed out for the moment.

Just Ideas

For Our Lord! - Set in the Dragonblooded Shogunate the players are all servants (warriors, officers, assassins, Skyship crewmen, whatever!) of the same daimyo. The game revolves around them serving their master in whatever way he desires. Themes are duty, sacrifice, and honor. See the anime Samurai 7 for visual reference for what I'm going for. Probably using these rules.

The Long Sleep - The sleepers have awakened. They must now lead their people out of savagery to reclaim their place in the world. Themes are redemption, hope, and renewal. PCs could be the ancient Dragon Kings, newly civilized "Stalkers", or perhaps the Exalts who awoke them.

The Taming of the Shrike - Characters strive to claim the Five Metal Shrike as their own. First must find all the manses and hearthstones that will bring it to full power. Then explore first age ruins to find the command codes. THEN find the Shrike, punch a hole in it, and tell the core the codes. When I get my Shrike ramble up I'll connect to it.

Slightly Fleshed Out

The Haslanti - The characters begin as heroic mortals. They are a group of "Fixers" as they call themselves. They travel around the League fixing problems for the Oligarchs courtesy of an Airboat (hopefully one concept is "Airboat Captain"). The Airboat crashes stranding the characters in the frozen North for a time. They all eventually Exalt as they work their way back to civilization (in my mind it is mostly Solars with a Lunar or two for some variety). One notable member of their team is lost and presumed dead. Of course he shows back up as an Abyssal wanting revenge on his former friends who abandoned him to die.

Crazy Game that will probably never see the Light of Day

So, in the group I play in what we used to do was I would run one week, then my friend would run the next, then me, ect. This worked out well because then we both had more time to prepare, and we didn't get burnt out on running. I tell you this because its relevant to the idea I had.

I had this idea while reading the Wyld Hunt section of CotI. It says that the Storyteller character DBs could be reoccurring adversaries in a Solar game, or that they could be mentors, rivals, or friends in a Dragonblooded game focusing on the Wyld Hunt. So I thought to myself...I wonder if they could be both. Picture this, my friend or myself running a Solar game with the Dragonblooded from the Azimuth Spire as reoccurring adversaries. The other person running a Dragonblooded game with the Azimuth Spire characters as allies and friends. Basically your heroes would be the villians...both times! Eventually there would be the climactic "final" battle where characters die, the shit hits the fan, and the two groups must join forces to defeat a common foe. I think it could be awesome if done well...but I don't think my group will ever attempt it.

I was also influenced by a friend of mine whose group played Vampire, Werewolf, and Hunter. All set in the same area. At one point their Vampires payed their Werewolves to kill their Hunters. He said it was a very "interesting" session.


I really like The Haslanti, but I think it would be cooler if you make different kinds of exalts different rolls of the ST's dice. So you roll and oh look your a Lunar hes a Solar(of course the solars would get the caste that bests fits their char) he got Abyssal so hes about to get left behind, you might even throw in DB's. The last idea looks intresting I'll do it if the others will.I like the shogunate one. I think that you should combine The Crazy Game and For Our Lord and make a sort of "way of the samurai" setting where each week you switch sides of two waring factions that are not actually at war yet and maby eventually it will lead up to them coming together to defeat an outside influence thats trying to take over. -Alicrast

You know...that sounds pretty cool. I might have to do that...but I probably won't...too lazy. - BF