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Hi just putting up one or two thigns for a characcter I just built.

Arken/Spells Arken/Virtueflaws


Nice stuff! Welcome to the Wiki Arken. - Issaru

ObWelcome: Please note the BestPractices page, however. The wiki has developed certain standards for organisation that it is best to follow, lest other, less charitable, wikizens get irate. ^_^ I suggest you move and #REDIRECT your spells to subpages leading from Sorcery, as opposed to being merely linked to from there. - instructional Moxiane

Hi thanks for the advice, I'm honestly really sorry, I read the best practices before I posted but was aware i'd probably messed up. To be honest though I'm fairly new to writing on a wiki and am not fully sure how to put the mistakes I made right. Is there any advice you could give me? -Arken with apologies.

S'OK. There's a few things, really. One - don't be afraid to ask for help (like now). We're mostly nice people here. Two - if you're unsure how wiki-format works, the best thing you can do is to find a page with formatting you like and click the edit link to check out the wiki-code. Three - base level pages ie:
... /[[BaseLevelPage]]
are generally for categories, such as Charms or Campaigns and UserPages, rather than specific content. Four - unfortunately UseModWiki doesn't allow us to delete a page once it has been made, so in a way your mistakes will remain forver. :) But, if you edit the page to say #REDIRECT NewPage/NewSubPage, with the appropriate page after the #REDIRECT then anyone going to the original site will be bounced where you want them to go now.
Hope all of that helps. on a soap-box Moxiane

Sorry about this, another question, I've been trying to put things right so I think now the versions on the Sorcery page lead to subpages here. However the original set of spells I put up (which were horrible mistakes as I made a messs not only of placing them but in naming them :-() won't seem to redirect. If I write #REDIRECT Arken/TurntheBlades for example on Turn the Blades it comes up with a question mark at the end of the link I try to create, which means it doesn't recognise the page as already existing right? - Honestly am trying, Arken

That's because you haven't written a page called Arken/TurnTheBlades and moved the text there. A Redirect destroys the content on the current page and simply sends anyone linking there to the page following REDIRECT. So you have to make the new page first. - Telgar

Ah right, I thought I had: Arken/TurntheBlades

(It's in my spells section) but I'm probably missing something, will have another look. Thanks for the help again.

- Arken

You have missed something, but it's small, doesn't matter too much, and I doubt you will again, it's fairly easy to miss the first time. Capitalization matters, and soArken/TurntheBlades is different fromArken/TurnTheBlades. All you need to do is change the t to a lower-case on the redirect, and it should work. --

Right I think I've fixed everything, sorry for putting everyone through that and thanks for the help :). -- Arken