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Day Caste Abyssal, oversees intelligence activities for The First and Forsaken Lion. Heavily disfigured.


Is he actually stated in canon to be Day Caste? I thought his caste was unspecified. --MF

Could've sworn he was a Moonshadow, myself ....
~ Shataina
In 1st edition Exalted, Meticulous Owl is a Day Caste spy, disfigured and with a broken arm, who tries (and in some measure, manages) to manipulate the Alchemical exalted to forward his deathlord's plan. In 2nd edition, he is instead a Moonshadow Caste madman, a character I don't really like very much because quite confused and undefined. I mean, why the hell should I need a character sheet that tells me "create this character as you want"? -Starg4z3r