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I'm /very/ new to the Wiki thing, but am a bit of a math/statistics person, so I'm a huge fan of numerically representing things. If I had to say, I'd claim that I'm a Twilight (by nature) who desperately wishes he was an uber-cool Night caste. Or, in Sidereal terms, I'd be a Chosen of Saturn, desperately wishing I was a happening Chosen of Venus.

So yeah - I'm a professor who longs for more adventure. So common, I'm sure.

Anyway, off to Wiki'ing!

New Charms and Sorcery

GreenLantern/MartialArtsMastery - A set of charms that allows a Solar to transcend normal limitations and make new charms for martial arts trees other than Solar Hero Style. I must work carefully here, as it can be very dangerous to allow extensions to things like CMAs and SMAs..
SolarLinguistics/GreenLantern - Extensions of the 2E Charm trees, providing writing without ink, great speeches, and other uses of words that don't necessarily require them to be written
MartialArts/SolarMasterStyle - A more civilized and elegant style than Solar Hero, this style shares about half of the charms with Solar Hero, yet is more "Jet Li" than "Hulkamania".
Sorcery/GreenLantern - a general "cantrip" style Celestial spell to allow impressive displays of power without an actual specific effect.
HearthStones/GreenLantern - Some not-yet fleshed out ideas
SolarExcellencies/GreenLantern - Trying out the Solar Excellency ideas I've got.
MartialArts/FourfoldPathToReadinessStyle2nd - Same as before, only newer. Due to 2nd's inability to combine Dodge and Parry, there are some defensive re-works as well.
MartialArts/IridescentRiversOfEssence - The Sutra of Geomancy. A low-Essence SMA centered around raw Essence, Demenses, Manses, etc.
MartialArts/TransparentInfinitiesOfPosition - The Sutra of Position. Mid-range SMA that defies traditional spatial relationships, allowing minor teleportation, delivering touch attacks at a distance, and eventually ignoring the concept of position altogether, allowing the practitioner to assume multiple positions simultaneously.
SolarLore/GregLink - Some Lore charms as a teacher (remeniscent of TWTT) and some uncomplete thoughts on other lore charms.
SolarCraft/GregLink - Making planning and building much faster, as well as the first perfect craft charm.
SolarBureaucracy/GregLink - Focusing on improvement of organizations you run through you being generally awesome.
SolarPerformance/GregLink - Charms relating to background music in scenes, and creating Bollywood-style dances.
Sorcery/GregLink - A few spells mostly about conjuring arbitrary objects, and summoning more powerful elementals (rather than demons).
MartialArts/FourfoldPathtoReadinessStyle - Entirely reflexive style heavy on avoidance and counterattack, with no attack charms.
MartialArts/EffortlessMasterStyle - A style focused heavily on permanents and other long-term effects - never quite finished, but 90% of the way there at one point.
MartialArts/GentleMasterStyle - I believe this is nearly identical to the above, because I wasn't paying attention to MA titles...


Note: These artifacts are often created using nearly-pure SavantAndSorcerer rules, which means that they can be very different than what many would expect - or like. There has been some discussion on the wiki (mostly Telgar and myself) about what makes a 'good' artifact, so while in some respect they may be mechanically valid, they don't really have much character. To put it bluntly, one is a "collection of bonuses that a Martial Artist would find useful". To me, it makes sense, in that if you were a Twilight Martial Artist, you'd make something for yourself, it also loses the story, mystery, and intrigue normally associated with a 5-dot artifact. Just a warning.
[[[GregLink/SandSArtifacts]]] - An overview, and some discussion.
[[[GregLink/RingOfGodlyMight]]] - An MA-twink custom artifact.
[[[GregLink/SeedOfAutocthon]]] - One of my better-described and not as twinky things, it gives a direct link to Autocthon, partially transforming the wearer into an Alchemical.
[[[GregLink/StarmetalSigilOfMercury]]} - Another less than impressive artifact chock full of kewl powerz, this one demonstrates some really character-defining changes - flight, an extra die action per turn (as in splittable, full dodgeable action), and some nice defensive boosts. Turns almost any starting Solar into a proper comic-style low-level superhero though.

Another set, always weird. GreenLantern/InstantaneousInformationAppliance - A 1 inch square chunk of green jade, orichalcum and starmetal that adheres to the skin, providing a direct uplink to a number of information sources scattered throughout the land. Great for the Chosen of Secrets, as well as generally nosy characters.

Random Junk

GreenLantern/Questions - Some questions I'm hoping other Wikizens can answer GreenLantern/ThingsIDontLike - Just some things that irk me about the game, that I wanted to vent about
GreenLantern/LevelsOfArtifice - Based on Heru's work, with a way to explain and crunch-ify the extreme variation in artifacts available and printed...
GreenLantern/AlternateSiderealTheory - I don't really like the way Sidereals were treated in the fatsplat. I'm not saying it's bad, just that I had gotten a different impression from the Core book (1st Ed), and think there's a different way to approach things. I blurted some of this out onto a text editor once, and while it's not clean or organized, it's a way to go. It also works for Rogue Sidereals, if that's your thing.
GreenLantern/JustAddWaterCharacter - Having just now noticed that AD might think of letting me into the JustAddWater game, I'm desperate to come up with a character. This will be a workspace for such a thing.
GreenLantern/TheThirdAge - A setting-twist that nigh removes the Great Curse, ushering in an era of competitive advantage, and sour grapes.
GreenLantern/HouseRules - Not necessarily all 'house' rules, some are just clarified interpretations.
[[[GregLink/DaemonBackground]]] - Narfed from the Stryck Wiki [1], it's a background suitable for ExMod that is a cross between a familiar and a computer program, resulting in non-corporeal agents working for you. Almost like having a small 'computer' elemental or somesuch at your disposal. Thing is, while I love the concept of having essentially a spirit familiar, the discussion and description isn't that solid. To that end, I've copied it here, so that we all can chat about it.
GreenLantern/ChangingMoonAnima - A question I pose to the wiki, regarding their interpretation of the Changing Moon Anima Power (2E specifically)
GreenLantern/AutocthonAsTheRootoftheVoid - In the spirit of my alternate Sidereals theory, and the general tone of the old Lore 1 project, I propose that much of what we believe and know about Creation is incorrect, and that Autocthon is, and always has been, the root of the problem.


GL: Regarding your interest in joining JustAddWater : We'd love to have an additional solid player, would help things quite a bit. We play on Magicstar, meeting in #rpgnet and then going to #Sidereal and #SiderealOOC? every tuesday at 7:30 EST. You can PM me at RPGnet, post in the thread in the RPGnet PBP recruiting forum, respond here, IM me at CaelinR? (via AIM), or email me at adamiani [at] Umich [dot] edu with [Just Add Water] in the subject line, if you're interested. --ADamiani

I replied to your asrtifact thing - Azurelight

Hey GL, I would like a means of getting in contact with you besides the wiki. Do you have a preffered medium?-Ambisinister

Generically, I prefer the emails. My email address can be found here:-omitted- -- GL