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So - I'm not only an Exalted player, but a Mage player as well. As I'm a huge fan of the Sons of Ether philosophy, and work in a field where such a thing would be appropriate, it occurred to me that a badge, icon, wall-hanging or other such object might be a fun addition to my office. Thing is, trying to google "Sons of Ether Jewelry" and "White wolf collectible" and such has gotten me less than nowhere. Any fellow White-Wolf players have any ideas on if such a thing were ever produced, and from whence I could buy? -- GreenLantern

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I recently (only a few weeks ago) read a nice description about why everyone was a hero. From the terrestrials protecting creation, to the sidereals giving it all up for the good, etc. Can someone point me at said thing? I've tried google, and search, but I can't remember any keywords from it that don't show up in a million places.

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I couldn't find the page itself but here's it quoted over at The Freedom Stone. Scroll down some. I'll see if I can find the page later. - MoonSword

Wow - that's actually a pretty well-populated page. Thanks! I'll put up a local copy for me ...GreenLantern/EpicInspiration-- GreenLantern

Suppose one wants to play a Sidereal, posing as a Terrestrial. Of course, Disguise of the New Face, Resplendent Destinies, and Jade come into play, but I could swear that I once saw an Artifact, Hearthstone, or 'Other' that actually allowed you to fake an anima banner, and caste markings, or some such. The Wind Hands Gemstone comes close, but I thought there was something that actually gave you a proper damaging anima, and coloration, or stuff. (Perhaps a combination of two effects?) Note that I'm intentionally avoiding 'Type (Exalt) Ways', as that's far too high level and short-duration to be of use. Any insight or advice is appreciated. -- GreenLantern

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You could be thinking of the Abyssal Stealth charm that lets you pretend to be a Solar, which includes caste mark, anima flair, and obvious essence effects from charms. Incidentally, the Wind Hands Gemstone give you a reflexive parry/dodge against ranged attacks (I think it negates onslaught penalties in 2E). There's a stone out of Aspect Book Fire that lets you duplicate the Fire Aspect Anima Power or enhance it if you're already a Fire Aspect.

You could probably mimic breeding and aspect markings with Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise, but that wouldn't help with anima. Likewise, if you're a Lunar, Prey Skin's Disguise, or Something or Other Plumage Mastery, or the Changing Moon Caste power, could also help you mimic breeding and aspect markings.

I can't recall any other canon, non-sidereal effects off the top of my head. -Ambisinister

I think the traditional Sidereal response to that challenge is the Stealth Charm Ceasing to Exist Approach, which explicitly mentions that anima effects and Charm appearances - presumably even Obvious ones, though of course there's an edition clash there - appear to onlookers as being suitable to the new identity. Getting the effects is harder, though it depends somewhat on which effects you're trying to emulate in the first place... - Hapushet

There are two primary 'sword wielding male' Solars featured in the core book. One of them has a sword (often shown) that has a slightly enlarged point, which itself has a series of symbols - often shown as a simple square-circle-x-triangle kind of thing on it.

Does anyone know who this character is, and more helpfully, if that sword has ever had stats written for it? Is it talked about in the novels at all? I'm just trying to see if this sword has anything resembling canon about its stats.

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I believe the guy you are talking about is Dace, the Dawn Caste poster-boy. His 1E stats are in Caste Book Dawn. The sword is a reaver daiklave, but is given only standard stats in the book. With the "square-circle-x-triangle" thing on it, I suspect it can control PlayStation game consoles, with the symbols being used in various patterns (in combination with Dace's movement) to activate his Combos. - Wordman