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A question to the wikizens:

I've been handling a lot of Lunars 2E lately, working out various and sundry issues and such. One thing that's got me perplexed though - how broad is the Changing Moon Anima power? For example, traditional shapechanging means that the Lunar is the creature in question. Thus, it's easy to imagine that you could impersonate not only a dog, but a person, with complete applicability and accuracy. If you bled, you'd bleed the blood of the creature. Your fingerprints would change. Voice, hair, and such. It all just 'works'. Cut off the arm, and the arm is that of the creature for all time.

Compare to the Changing Moon Anima. Suppose you don the form of another human (as per the power's description). Would your fingerprints be changed? What about blood type? If you had an arm cut off? Note especially that is says 'illusion' rather than actual shapechange. This brings up other issues - for example, if you were in a True form, and used your caste anima power, would you still have to roll for Tell Exposure as if you were in a true form? �

Just some things I'm wondering how others have handled. I'm leaning towards making it essentially the same as proper lunar shapechanging, but more expensive, but wanted to get the Wiki's opinion.


I'd run it as such: if the changing moon/waning moon is present, then everything appears to be fine. The illusion's bonus dice to seem right in the illusory role also apply to any rolls (or unrolled pools) to prevent leaving evidence which would later contradict the illusion. Later, though, any forensic evidence left could reveal who was really there. - IanPrice