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Just some charms that I've got to make one of these days.

  • Assumption of Infinite Being - A quick charm that allows large amounts of mental work to be done instantly, as your mind expands, does the work, then retracts.
  • Remembrance of Unseen Pasts - Allows you to learn things that have been learned before, even though you didn't know them. IE would allow modern-day Loremaster to make proper Greek Fire, or to read long dead languages. Very useful in the Second Age, as you can learn things much more easily, such as how to fix old devices, how to build new spells, etc. Has to be high up to prevent game balance problems.
  • Those Who Forget History... - "Offensive" Lore charm, most likely high up, that forces opponent to make an Int+Lore roll. If he fails, he must take the same action this round as he did the last.
  • Fleeting Whisper's Eternal Remembrance - Perfect Recall permanent charm.

Birthing of the Spider Legion

Cost: 10m, 2WP
Type: Simple
Duration: One Week
Min. Craft: 5
Min. Essence: 4
Prereqs: Apprentice-to-Journeyman Modification

Continuing with experiments into the modification of their underling's Essence, the Solars found that while large-scale changes, such as those performed by the Apprentice-to-Journeyman modification, were difficult, and could only be performed on a few, that smaller, more subtle improvements could be made on a large scale. Much as the violent hordes created by the Zenith and Dawn Castes became known as Tiger-Warriors, he resulting hordes of superior workers became known as the Legions of the Copper Spiders, or merely "Spider Legions" in short. One particularly cold Solar was heard to say that a Journeyman was to a Spider Legionaire as a Daiklave was to a perfect, but mundane sword. Easy to crank out, easy to lose, but still useful to have around. The construction of these legions is a simple matter, requiring the recruitment of a class of up to (Essence x 75) workers. During the next week, these workers are subjected to a quick training regimen of classwork, practical work, and an ever-so-subtle modification of their essences through exposure to sigils, essence-spiked drinks, and other means. During each week of such training, the legionaires receive a permanent one-die boost to their Craft and Endurance skills as they are trained to craft, for long hours, and to perform endless manual labor. In addition, they receive a one-die specialty to Athletics of "Heavy Loads". After a month of such training, these workers are considered highly skilled laborers, each easily the equal of any other mundane craftsman or laborer. Continued modification can have other effects as well, but these are difficult to predict due to the differences of the particular modification scheme employed, as well as the differences in the natural Essence pattern of the trainees.

Apprentice-to-Journeyman Modification

Cost: 10m, 1WP
Type: Simple
Duration: One Week
Min. Craft: 5
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Benevolent Supervisor's Assistance

As effective and awe-inspiring as their skills may be, there are times when a good assistant can simplify things greatly for a Solar Craftsman. With this charm, the Solar Craftsman endows another with a fragment of his skill, constructing in the process a superior assistant, able to help in even the most difficult of situations. During the time this charm is activated, the character must work with his apprentice, training, educating, and slowly molding his Essence into a more suitable form, into one more capable, more knowledgeable, and simply better suited to working under the conditions often required for great works. The resulting journeyman has a number of mundane and supernatural advantages, as follows:

    • The journeyman's physical needs are reduced. He requires 50% less sleep, food, water, and breaks than a normal mortal due to the changes in his being.
    • The journeyman's craft, lore, and occult score is increased to that of the Solar, if they are not already that high, to a maximum of 5.
    • The journeyman's rate of work is increased by a factor of 2 due to improved skill, efficiency, and comprehension.
    • The journeyman counts as a suitably skilled Terrestrial Exalt for purposes of determining number of assistants needed for artifact construction.

The modifications required to augment a mortal into a journeyman are not permanent, and they will fade over time. Unless the journeyman is refreshed in a one-day training session once per season, the effects of this charm will wear off. A character can have no more than his (Charisma+Essence) journeymen at one time. Note that this charm does nothing to ensure the loyalty of these journeymen, nor does it change their emotional state.