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A variant on Solar Hero Style, intended more for Eclipses, Twilights, and those who think that Solars needn't be hulking brutes, throwing their enemies around like flotsam. Instead, these Solar Masters rely on the excellence of their training, and the perfection of their technique. Unnaturally graceful, the Solar Master Style is, in many ways, very close to the Solar Hero Style, yet, at the same time, has a different flavor in the higher-tier charms, allowing true martial arts masters, rather than WWE-style brawlers.

Solar Master Style v 0.1
Part of an Existing Celestial Level Martial Art

Solar Hero Style. Embracing the Solar's heroic nature, practitioners of this style are bastions of strength, tossing their opponents about like the truly inconsequential obstacles they are. For those to whom this comes naturally, however, there is more to being a Solar than sheer might. There is excellence. Perfection in being, and in action. These things are much more difficult to emulate, and as such, are not considered part of the Solar Hero Style proper, as none but the Solar Exalts can easily mobilize these things in sufficient quantity to be of any use. The Solars, however, can make use of these things. By finding an appropriate Solar tutor, or spending countless hours practicing on one's own, a Solar martial artist can learn much more about their nature, expanding upon the finite boundaries of the Solar Hero Style. While there are nearly infinite paths of study, one such path currently being taught in Creation is colloquially known as the Solar Master Style.

This art, not truly a martial art on its own, was originally developed at the Cult of the Illuminated training camps. While the Sidereal instructors there have mastered countless styles, and could even teach the canonical Solar Hero Style, the task of expanding on those basic charms fell to a student now known only as the Solar Master. The Solar master has long since graduated the training camps, and now travels Creation, teaching his advanced arts to any student capable of learning. As it is an extension of Solar Hero Style, it is by default compatible with armor, and includes improvised weapons and many fist-weapons as unarmed for the purposes of charm use.

One who studies the Solar Master Style embraces his inner strengths, moving with speed, precision, and power. To fight with such a martial artist is to find oneself subject to a volley of flawless strikes, each one shattering bone and destroying flesh. Surely, a master of this style is invincible!

Controlled Master's Fury

Cost: N/A
Type: Special
Duration: Permanent
Min. Martial Arts: 1
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: One Martial Arts Form-Type Charm

Over the course of his training, the Master has made thousands of blows, each unique, but always striving to have the greatest effect. Finally surpassing his own frail limitations, the Master's strikes hit with greater force, and pure intent. Any unarmed attack the character makes does 2 additional damage, which may be lethal if he chooses.

Some charms, that may or may not be included...

Scene-Long or perhaps form-type addition:

  • Charm that upgrades Fist-Of-Iron Technique in some fashion
    • Perhaps increasing 'ping' damage by one?
    • Perhaps integrating it with the excellencies? (Activating one allows you to spend motes to activate the other?)
  • Supplemental to Ignore Hardness, do x2 damage to in-animate objects, and perhaps autoconvert one die of damage to an autosuccess.

fluff text can be useful during that strike, adding utility for later comboes etc.

  • Defense thing that either adds to one's DV in some fashion, BUT if for some reason, that DV is inapplicable, something special happens...
  • Leaping Bronze Tiger Technique, activated as a defense, that allows you to close the distance to an enemy, and make a strike. Can also be used purely for transportation....
  • Well-oiled footwork: A very bare-bones leaping dodge, that allows you to waltz around combat easily, sliding from opponent to opponent, and possibly evading multi-attacks... The key is slow movement...
  • Perfect Attack/Defense Combo - hit something, and can't possibly take damage due to hitting it. Really just an attack, but cooler. Also
  • Weapon-Mastering Technique - Makes a single category of weapons in-style.
  • Sun Rises In the Morning Motion
  • Body of Steel: Even where a Solar is weak, he is strong. Those who have mastered this charm have strengthened not only their fists with essence, but their entire bodies, ensuring that no blow, no matter how well placed, can easily fell them. This charm, activated in step 6 of attack resolution, reduces the attacker's number of successes to at most one more than was required to breach the Solar's DV. Thus, even if 30 successes were rolled on an attack roll, and the Solar had a DV of 7 (normally resulting in 23 successes more than necessary) this charm would reduce the number to 1 success more than necessary.
  • Perfect Defense that applies to unexpected attacks (but not to unparryable attacks)
  • Supplemental charm that reduces DV penalty for making attacks by 1, and attack penalty by 1 as well. Fun times. 1m per use! Does not need to be used on every attack in a combo. Thus, it becomes a limited-applicability Instant?
  • Charm that resets your DV penalty to 0, at most once per tick.

Multi-Attack Tree

  • Quick strike, tier 1 multi-attack charm, providing two attacks on the opponent, but causing an onslaught penalty much higher than would normally be expected for such a pair of strikes...
  • Broad 'sweep' type charm that allows a variant of a multi-attack, that allows you to attack multiple opponents, but not supremely awesomely. Perhaps multiple attack rolls are made as if a flurry, but no DV penalty incurred? Alternately, all will be at the same die-penalty, not an ever-increasing one... (e.g. -3,-3,-3, not -3,-4,-5). Sounds like a good tier 2 charm...
  • Repercussive Reflexes: Scene-long: When you use an attack action to successfully strike an opponent with a martial arts attack, you may attempt a second attack (possibly on a different opponent). This second attack is at SPD 1 and DV-0. As this second attack was not generated by an attack action, it may not cause this charm to activate again.
  • Heaven-Thunder-Hammer (actual charm, just above SHF)
  • Racing Dawn Offensive Type: Extra Action Cost: 4m, 1WP Speed: 1 This charm provides a speed 1 martial arts action at the time it is activated. This action may not be a flurry. In addition, the character may move their normal move distance at either the beginning or the end of this tick. In addition, this charm provides an additional (Essence-1) such actions over the next (Essence-1) ticks. Until the end of these actions, the character's DV does not refresh.

Form-Integrating Effects:

  • Reduce speed of MA attacks by 1. Scene-long. Perhaps form-integrating?
  • Extra Charm usage every action. This charm action may only be used to activate charms that are part of the Solar Hero Style. This ties into the Solar Hero Form, and is a permanent upgrade to that form.
  • Ignore up to 2 points of Martial-Arts Action induced DV penalty every action


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