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Traits are those things that make up a character. For the most part this page is just a smaller categorization of the main page to keep things pretty.

Primary Traits are things that get rolled

  • Attribute Rules - What a character is, at her core, capable of.
  • Virtue Rules - Virtues represent the aspects of the character's will.
    • Conviction - A character's drive and determination to persue what she has set her mind to
    • Sacrifice - A character's compassion and willingness to give up a part of herself for others and her goals
    • Temperance - A character's judgment and ability to remain cool in the most heated of moments
    • Valor - A character's bravery and strength to stand in the face of overwhelming opposition
  • Essence - The strength of the very substance that a character is made of

Secondary Traits are things that all characters have, but are never rolled

  • Size and Mentality
    • Size is how physically large a being is.
    • Mentality is how complex a sentient's mind is
  • Health and Resilience
    • Health is the raw meat of a character. How much they can take before not being able to take any more.
    • Resilience is how much must be applied to actually harm a character
  • Integrity and Resolve
    • Integrity is a character's mental stability, ability to correlate and accomodate conflicting thoughts, and so on
    • Resolve is her resistance to such things - the ability to overcome a problem outright.
  • Foundations - What a character stands for. Her opinions are not neutral on some topics, and are harder to sway.

Tertiary Traits traits modify the characteristics of the character.

  • Knacks - Knacks are a bit like specialties, but instead of granting bonuses, they negate a penalty in limited context.
  • Specialties - Specialties add dice to roll in specific contexts or otherwise modify an attribute for a single purpose
  • Merits - Various effects that don't quite add up to knacks or specialties.
  • Flaws - Not so beneficial things that may be inflicted upon you.
    • Flaws do not grant immediate xp, but instead allow for the player to overcome additional challenges because of it, for which the storyteller may award more experience.
  • Mutations - A subset of Merits and Flaws, kinda.

Backgrounds - Backgrounds are things that a character earns, through inheritance, force, or friendship.