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Health follows the new World of Darkness rules slightly. All characters have a number of health levels based on their size:


  • Size 0: Miniscule Mice, rats, etc. Health Levels are (Might (Toughness) + Essence)/2. If zero (Zero might attribute, no toughness specialty and Essence 1), any damage autokills the critter.
  • Size 1: Tiny Smaller cats and things of similar size. Health levels are (Might (Toughness) + Essence)
  • Size 2: Small Larger dogs and such. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*2 - Alchemicals in their Essence 1 stage
  • Size 3: Normal Normal human size. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*3 - Alchemicals in their Essence 2-4 stages
  • Size 4: Large Horses. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*4 - Alchemicals in their Essence 5-6 stages
  • Size 5: Huge Elephant or Orca Sized. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*5 - Alchemicals at Essence 7
  • Size 6: Gigantic Whale Sized. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*6
  • Size 7: Colossal Bigger than anything that ever lived on real-life Earth. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*7
  • Humans and Dragon Kings are normally considered to be Size three.
  • The Ox-Body Technique Talent grants additional health levels, as if the character were one size higher.
  • The Large Merit increases the character's size to four. The Small Merit or Flaw decreases it to two.
    • For example, a Dragon-Blooded with Essence and Might 2 with the Ox-Body Talent will normally have 16 health levels.
    • Were she Small, her health levels would be reduced to 12.
    • Were she Large, her health levels would be increased to 20.


There are three kinds of damage:

  • Bashing damage, which is (usually) not dangerous, but can cause penalties or knock a character unconscious. Different kinds of attacks may cause Bashing damage to different beings.
  • Lethal damage, which is the typical kind of damage
  • Aggravated damage, which involves permanent damage in one fashion or another

Aggravated damage is, effectively, a reduction of the character's maximum health levels, overwriting previous damage. For example

  • A character has twelve (12) health levels, and seven points of lethal damage to them.
  • She takes two levels of aggravated damage. She now has a maximum health level total of 10, and 5 levels of lethal damage.
  • Unless she is exalted or has access to similarly miraculous healing, she only revers back to having 10 health levels. The aggravated damage will normally scar her for life.

Lethal damage does not overwrite Bashing damage.

Once all health levels are filled, the Character falls unconcious, and further damage of the same type begins to add the next level.

  • Further Bashing damage converts Bashing damage into Lethal damage, requiring the victims (Might + Essence) in Bashing damage to deal a point of Lethal.
  • Further Lethal damage converts Lethal wounds into Aggravated wounds, again taking (Might + Essence) points of damage for one level of Aggravated wounds. Lethal damage overwrites stunning damage.
  • Further Aggravated damage, if the victim is still alive, has no further effect, except to cripple the character even more.
  • Characters add 1 to all difficulties when they have lost over half of their health levels.
  • Once a character's health levels are completely filled out, they are unconscious.
  • Once a Minor Character suffers a level of Aggravated damage when all her health levels are lethal or aggravated wounds, she is dead.
  • Once a Major Character suffers a level of Aggravated damage when all her health levels are aggravated wounds, she is dead.


  • Minor Characters heal their Natural (Healing) + Essence Lethal wounds per year, and Natural (Healing) + Essence Bashing wounds per day. They never heal Aggravated wounds.
  • Major Characters heal their Essence in Aggravated wounds per year, Natural (Healing) + Essence in Lethal Wounds per Month, and Natural (Healing) + Essence Bashing wounds per day.
    • UnExalted only recover Lethal wounds with rest.
  • Exalted Characters heal Natural (Healing) + Essence Aggravated wounds per month, Natural (Healing) + Essence Lethal wounds per week, and Natural + Essence Bashing wounds per hour.
    • Exalted do not need to rest to heal.
    • Exalted can recover from broken, crushed or lost limbs in time. Recovering a lost limb (arm or leg) counts as a separate damae pool equal to the character's normal, full health level total.
    • The Body-Mending Meditation Talent speeds up healing.


Resilience subtracts from the damage rating of an attack, significantly reducing damage.

  • Characters have a Resilience equal to their (Might (Resilience) + Essence)/2.
  • Armor increases Resilience
  • Resilience cannot normally reduce the damage of an attack below half the attacker's permanent Essence.