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Miscellanious Derived Traits

The Size and Mentality rules are used, primarily, for the creation of Animals and various large beasties. It's easy enough just to note that humans have Size and Mentality 3 usually, but obviously not every human is average and animals certainly aren't. Actions are a bit more important, however, as they govern how fast the Character acts.


Characters receive a number of Combat Tics equal to their (Prowess (Actions) + Essence)/2 each Turn. This is called their Combat Action score. Characters with 0 are typically considered Extras for the purposes of physical combat, easily swept aside individually (ie, at best, in mobs they apply a difficulty penalty to the various 'real' combatants).

Characters receive a number of Debate Tics equal to their (Socialize (Fast Lips) + Essence)/2 each Long Turn, called their Debate Action score. As with physical combat, characters with a zero are usually considered Extras for social conflict purposes, their points sufficiently ignorable and trivially countered, at best adding a difficulty penalty in mobs.

See the relevant Combat rules for details.


Roughly, the size of the critter. Each additional rank of size roughly doubles it's longest dimension (or so), multiplying the volume and often mass by 10. By this scale, something like Mount Mostath would be Size 21 or so, giving it (roughly) about twelve hundred health levels.

  • Size 0: Miniscule Mice, rats, etc. Health Levels are (Might (Toughness) + Essence)/2. If zero (Zero might attribute, no toughness specialty and Essence 1), any damage autokills the critter.
  • Size 1: Tiny Smaller cats and things of similar size. Health levels are (Might (Toughness) + Essence)
  • Size 2: Small Larger dogs and such. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*2 - Alchemicals in their Essence 1 stage
  • Size 3: Normal Normal human size. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*3 - Alchemicals in their Essence 2-4 stages
  • Size 4: Large Horses. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*4 - Alchemicals in their Essence 5-6 stages
  • Size 5: Huge Elephant or Orca Sized. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*5 - Alchemicals at Essence 7
  • Size 6: Gigantic Whale Sized. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*6
  • Size 7: Colossal Bigger than anything that ever lived on real-life Earth. HL = (Might (Toughness) + Essence)*7

A creature can carry roughly 11*(Might (Strength) + Essence)*Size in pounds (5*... in kilograms) without any difficulty, and twice that if it wishes to burden itself.


  • Mentality 0: Pathetic Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)/2. Such creatures are typically utterly unintelligent, and react wholly predictably.
  • Mentality 1: Simple Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence) - Dumber animals, highly predictable
  • Mentality 2: Weak Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*2 - Smarter animals and kin, unEnlightened Mountain Folk
  • Mentality 3: Normal Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*3 - Humans, most sentient beings
  • Mentality 4: Strong Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*4 - Dragon-Blooded, other Superior entities
  • Mentality 5: Celestial Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*5 - The Celestial Exalted, other Divine entities