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Integrity resembles health in many ways.


  • Mentality 0: Pathetic Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)/2. Such creatures are typically utterly unintelligent, and react wholly predictably.
  • Mentality 1: Simple Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence) - Dumber animals, highly predictable
  • Mentality 2: Weak Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*2 - Smarter animals and kin, unEnlightened Mountain Folk
  • Mentality 3: Normal Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*3 - Humans, most sentient beings
  • Mentality 4: Strong Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*4 - Dragon-Blooded, other Superior entities
  • Mentality 5: Celestial Integrity Levels are (Intellect (Will) + Essence)*5 - The Celestial Exalted, other Divine entities


There are three kinds of damage:

  • Confusion damage, which is mere addling, and cannot 'convince' a character of another cause, but can make it easier
  • Persuasion damage, which is the typical kind of damage
  • Aggravated damage, which involves permanent damage in one fashion or another. Each Aggravated wound to Integrity represents a derangement of some kind, with a severity depending on non-aggravated levels remaining.

Aggravated damage overwrites previous damage. Confusion and Persuasion damage do not. Persuasion damage only persists for a single line of argument (though multiple people can debate the matter, and Persuasion damage can be 'healed' through debate), so characters in multiple debates may have to track issues separately unless they win routinely.

Aggravated damage is, effectively, a reduction of the character's maximum integrity levels, overwriting previous damage. For example

  • A character has twelve (12) integrity levels, and seven points of persuasion damage to them.
  • She takes two levels of aggravated damage. She now has a maximum integrity level total of 10, and 5 levels of persuasion damage.
  • Unless she is Exalted or has access to similarly miraculous healing, she only recovers back to having 10 integrity levels. The aggravated damage will normally scar her for life.

Once all Integrity levels are filled, the Character acts in a manner dependant on how they were filled

  • If utterly confused, the character shuts herself off from the outside world, either acting randomly or doing nothing but satisfy basic necessities until she recovers.
  • If utterly deranged (all integrity removed due to aggravated damage) the effects will vary wildly, but the character's life will be cut drastically short unless she receives care. She no longer has a will her own, though it could be someone elses.
  • See the Social Combat rules for Persuasion effects.


  • Minor Characters heal their Intellect (Recovery) + Essence Confusion wounds per day, and Persuasion wounds per week. They never heal Aggravated wounds.
  • Major Characters heal their Essence in Aggravated wounds per year, Intellect (Recovery) + Essence in Confusion wounds per day, and Persuasion wounds per week.
  • Exalted Characters heal Intellect (Recovery) + Essence Aggravated wounds per month, Intellect (Recovery) + Essence Confusion wounds per hour, and Persuasion wounds per day.
    • The Mind-Mending Meditation Talent speeds up healing.


Resolve subtracts from the damage rating of an attack, significantly reducing damage.

  • Characters have a Resolve equal to their (Intellect (Resolve) + Essence)/2.
  • Resolve cannot normally reduce the damage of an attack below half the attacker's permanent Essence.
  • Foundations increase a character's resilience to mental damage.