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The ten Attributes replace most of the standard tests in the game. Rather than roll pairs, you just roll the one. Characters do not, by default, have to have a score of 1 in any Attribute - zeros are possible, where a character may pretty much only roll her specialty in dice for certain specific tasks. In fact most Minor Characters may suffer this fate for some stories.

Attributes have maximum ratings as follows:

  • Standard - maximum of equal to permanent Essence
  • Favored - maximum of permanent Essence + 1
  • Prodigal - maximum of permanent Essence * 2
  • Legendary - maximum of (permanent Essence + 1) * 2
  • Celestial - maximum of permanent Essence * 5

The progression to Favored, Prodigal, and Legendary is shown via Merits. Celestial only occurs in certain rare instances outside of the Celestial Exalted.


The art of cooperation and organization. It is strategy in all its forms, as well as working in unison and tactics. It covers the concrete qualities of leadership - knowing what skills work best where, and so on. In this case, it takes up part of the War ability.


The art of making, repairing and evaluating things. Anything. Covers Craft (duh) some Sail (repairs), some Occult (alchemy, enchanting, some geomancy), and some Survival (building shelters, etc).


As the name. Covers most Performance, some Socialize ('life of the party' stuff), some Presence (seduction), and some Linguistics (poetry and 'expressive writing'). Much charisma and manipulation here.


Raw knowledge. Covers Lore, most Occult, some Medicine (advanced remedies), most Linguistics and some Investigation (for piecing things together). Naturally, absorbs intelligence.

Language families are described inXerExaltedLite/Languages.


Physical training. Covers some Athletics (lifting weights), some Endurance (versus pain), some Presence (intimidation via muscles) and Resistance. Also Strength and Stamina.


Understanding of the natural world and things - including humans. Covers most Medicine, some Survival (wilderness knowledge, animal handling), some Investigation, and Ride.


The art of being generally cool. Covers most Athletics, most Endurance, some Sail, and Dodge. In some respects, it is the generiskill. It covers what the rest don't. It mostly takes its nature from Dexterity


People skills. Covers Socialize (see a pattern yet?), some Bureaucracy, some Presence (just being all-around likeable, rather than forcing yourself on people). From 2nd Edition, Socialize eats most of Integrity. Obviously, it absorbs a lot of the original Charisma attribute.


The naughty arts. Covers most Investigation, Larceny, Stealth, and lying, bluffing, etc. As such, it absorbs a lot of the Manipulation attribute, some Wits and some Dexterity.


Any action involved in physically attacking someone else, or parrying their attacks. Covers Archery, Brawl, Martial Arts (Sort of), Melee, and Thrown. When dealing with inanimate objects or natural events, Might or Prowess may be more appropriate.