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Fall of Eden Sources

These are movies, books, stories, and whatever else that will help the players understand what Fall of Eden is about.

Sample Characters

These are the sorts of people who would become Exalted in the modern world. It includes both real and fictional sources.

Dawn Caste

Modern Concepts: Mafia hitman, S.W.A.T. team member, Olympic martial artist or boxer.

Specific People:

  • Jet Li (actor, also as a character in various movies) Wikipedia entry
  • John Lee (movie character, "The Replacement Killers")

Zenith Caste

Modern Concepts: Politician, religious figure, famous musician or actor.

Specific People:

Twilight Caste

Modern Concepts: Scientist, architect, doctor, Hindu mystic.

Specific People:

Night Caste

Modern Concepts: Spy, adventurer, Special Forces soldier.

Specific People:

  • James Bond (movie character)
  • Richard Marcinko (special operations expert) Wikipedia entry

Eclipse Caste

Modern Concepts: Cultural scholar, U.S. ambassador, corporate raider.

Specific People:

Full Moon

Modern Concepts: Special Forces infiltration specialist, indigenous hunter, rural Chinese fighter.

Specific People:

  • Billy Jack (movie character, "Billy Jack")
  • Raven (book character, "Snow Crash")

Changing Moon

Modern Concepts: need ideas here.

Specific People:

  • Mystique (comic character, "X-Men")
  • Osama bin Laden (Saudi Arabian terrorist)

No Moon

None yet.


Modern Concepts: National Geographic explorer, futurist.

Specific People:

  • K. Eric Drexler (nanotech writer)
  • Morpheus (movie character, "The Matrix")


Modern Concepts: psychologist, self-help book writer, medical marijuana advocate, entertainer.

Specific People:

  • Martha Stewart (interior designer)
  • Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama (spiritual leader)


Modern Concepts: Army general, martial arts mentor, corporate raider/hostile takeover specialist.

Specific People:

  • Stick (comic character, "Elektra")


Modern Concepts: research scientist, undercover spy.

Specific People:

  • Professor X (comic character, "X-Men")
  • Stephen Hawking (physicist) Wikipedia entry


Modern Concepts: research scientist, undercover spy.

Specific People:

  • Jack Kevorkian (assisted-suicide advocate)

Media Inspiration

Comic Books

  • "Sandman" -- some of the ways in which powerful supernatural beings interact with the modern world.
  • "Watchmen" -- a world that grows progressively more "super".
  • "X-Men" -- a small group of empowered humans fight against fear, oppression, and super-technological robots.


  • "Bulletproof Monk" -- mystic Chinese secrets in the modern age.
  • "The One" -- Jet Li as a dimension-hopping martial artist.
  • "The Terminator" -- a waitress with a destiny must stay alive while pursued by a futuristic killer robot.


What about the Dalai Lama ? He would make a wonderful Sidereal. And you didn't mention Fair Folk, Abyssals and Dragonblooded. Bill Gates is something of a wateraspected Dragonblooded. Jiba

The Fair Folk don't have modern human equivalents by their nature. The fate of the Abyssals in Gods of Eden is in question already, and the Dragon-Blooded will be common enough to obviate the need for citing specific examples -- BillGarrett
I would just like to point out that I would be a perfect example of a Raksha - Paladinltd

Hmmm... I'd put Hawking as a Chosen of the Maiden of Secrets rather than a Twilight. Others: Michael Jackson (Changing Moon), Martha Stewart (Serenity), Nelson Mandela (Zenith), Arthur C. Clarke (Twilight), Jack Kevorkian (Endings)... -szilard

I'd argue against Kevorkian for Endings, they are about dying when you should where he's about your right to die when you want to. - Malikai
Given that these people aren't actually Exalted, but are people who might be chosen as Exalted, I'll stand by my choice there. He supports people in their decision to die when they believe that their life has gone on too long and that they should die. That decision-making capacity could easily be replaced by the Loom of Fate. -szilard
Jack Kevorkian strikes me as more of a heroic mortal (argue "heroic" on your own please ^_^;;) in terms of his influence and overall "power", but his interest in that topic brings up one point - dying "when you should" is not NECESSARILY dying "when your terminal disease says it's time". "When you should" is awfully subjective, and if it was proper that everything expired when some given natural process dictated, maybe there'd be no need for the Chosen of Endings.
Ummm... obviously none of the examples (except for some of the fictional ones) are on the power scale of Exalted. I assumed that this was supposed to be a list of people who would be candidates for exaltation. To me, that means heroic mortal... szilard
That's correct. In general I'm looking for people who could push PAST "heroic mortal" if given the chance, which is the entire point of the Exaltation :) Kevorkian seems to have taken his stand on this issue and (in my limited reading) doesn't seem much interested in moving into the broader scope of the issue. That is the dividing line I draw. But hey, I admit some ignorance about the man, so I'll add him on. -- BillGarrett
Isn't there a Sidereal euthanasia charm, anyway? I don't have my Sids book here, but I'm pretty sure that their Medicine tree is better at making things dead than keeping them alive. Kevorkian sounds like the perfect candidate. -Everyl

I notice that most of the examples are "good guys" (Excepting Osama of course ^_^) But less benevolent people get Exalted too. Here's my suggestions for the dark side of supernatural power: Adolf Hitler - Eclipse Caste, or Chosen of Battles. The Unabomber - Full Moon. L Ron Hubbard - Chosen of Serenity, or possibly Twilight Caste. Shoko Asahara (Leader of the Aum Supreme Truth cult that did that nerve gas attack in Japan) - Chosen of Endings. Saddam Hussain - Dawn Caste. "Typhoid" Mary - Chosen of Endings ( or Abyssal ). Josef Mengele (Nazi scientist who experimented on humans) - Twilight Caste ( or Abyssal ). -- Xarak

I'm fully in accord with putting "evil by Western civilization's standards" people on the list. Hitler would be a natural choice, but my overriding goal here is contemporary characters to the degree possible, which usually means people who are still alive. I'll look through the list and see who I can fit in :) -- BillGarrett
Asahara is still alive on death row. I'd hate to think what would happen if he Exalted and broke out ^_^ Other possibilitys for living people...these are not all evil so much as "controversial"...Jack Chick - Zenith, Fidel Castro - Dawn or Eclipse, Robert Mugabe - Dawn. -- Xarak
Actually, I'd make Ted Kaczynski a No Moon... he is much more of an academic than a warrior, both in his motivation and his methods. -szilard
Bombing people isn't very subtle ( then again, neither is Flight of the Brilliant Raptor ), so it could go either way. -- Xarak