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General Stuff

Welcome to my humble page. I'm mostly an ST for Exalted, but I play when I can (which is, naturally, not nearly enough). I've read almost all the books almost entirely, and while I've not played all that much altogether, I definitely have a decent grasp of the setting by now. I'm hoping to make contributions to the wiki which interest people, failing that, I'll just lurk :P I'm currently planning on launching into a project on mortal martial arts, and all comments are welcome!


Quilone/Quilone - my first Exalted character (I started Exalted as a player), and it shows. A 'fighting priest' who nonetheless never had performance or presence and whose main focus was...healing. Go figure. This is what happens when your ST neglects aspects of the game...

Quilone/RalaWisdomSeeker - a Dragon King

Quilone/UnrepentingWinnowerOfSighs - an Abyssal based on the theme of Famine (in a game with the other 3 HorseAbyssals of the Apocalypse)


Quilone/EagleStyle - an attempt at a 'standard' animal-based Celestial Martial Art.


Currently I'm ST for three different games, each with different numbers of players. None of these have actual story titles. Actually, the second one does, but if I put it up here, it would spoil it for the players.

The main one involves Vervain and every other player I know, making it hard to coordinate sessions (it's tabletop). Power level is high - each of the 6 players is a 140-170 exp Solar. This is mitigated by the fact that many of them have rather vague notions of Exalted combat on a strategic level. The core of the group is, in fact, comprised of two players, and after this main story arc is over (involving a First Age Solar bent on reconquering the world), it'll probably go down to more of a core group. Maybe.

The second game I'm running was meant to be online-only but started out on the table. All 4 player characters are Dragon-Bloods from Lookshy who have been placed together in an experimental 4th Fighting Force scale to test the viability of a small, independent group of Chosen. For what purpose, they have not yet discovered... They will soon embark on a quest of River Province-scale proportions, each one with personal motivations for going along, but will they be up to the task? The style is intended to be Le Morte Darthur-esque, with the characters facing challenges of personal integrity on a backdrop of heroic necessity.

The latest game I've started to run follows the adventures of two Sidereals in the River Convention, one Gold Faction (Vervain), and one Independent. It was spawned out of the necessity of having some gaming to do with only two people around, which is the same as how the first game started (with the same two players...). It doesn't have a plot, yet, really, focusing on a more day-to-day operation. One has responsabilities with the Cult of the Illuminated, the other simply seeks to do as little work as possible. They need to balance these goals with their jobs, while avoiding recruitment via reincarnation from their Bronze Faction co-workers. Have they considered this yet? Probably, now that I've mentioned it.

System stuff

I've got a lot of ideas for giving Martial Arts a lot more flavour in the game, at low levels - mainly, mortal-level styles. I've always wondered about how to translate a MA score into something actually meaningful, setting-wise. Honestly, I'd love to see a sourcebook on the subject of MA of all levels, but I'm going to do a bunch of research and try and fit something cool into the system. Hopefully what comes out will make heroic mortal / Thaumaturge enthusiasts squirm with glee. Stay tuned!

Quilone/MMA - Mortal Martial Arts