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The Story

In the dawn of Creation, there existed the lovers Enlil and Nenlil. A shaper of essence and magic, Nenlil lived for her spirit of War, Enlil. In the Primordial War, Enlil led many charges and battles against the usurping Exalted. Though powerful he was, Enlil fell in battle. His being cast to the Void, imprisoned in hellish confines. In the end of the Primordial's age, Nenlil was dragged squalling in tears to the realm of of Malfeas. From her prison, she sought the link, the whispered dreams of the fallen. In time, she heard the voice of her love. Together, they conspired to twisted those usurped the power of the former usurping solars, to release themselves from their respective prisons, or raze all creation in the attempt. With the power of the Realm infected, they could do quicker what the deahlords may take centuries to do. So to implement their plans, Enlil used a circle of Deathknights to release imprisoned elemental dragons. These mad forces of nature were sent to Malfeas, where Nenlil planted seeds of corruption and blight into the very core of the once pure Dragons of the elements. Gutted and burned away from their former selves, the Wyrms became the embodyment of the elements of Malfeas: Adjorn's wind, Cecylene's sands, the Demon flame of the twisted soul, the acid element indiginous to the prison, and the shadows of the Ebon Dragon. Imbued with these elements, the Wyrm blood will infiltrate and fill Creation with a blight of sickness and destruction.

As with the creation of the Abysals, a new material was made for the servants of the yozi to wield. Unlike soulsteel of the Abyssals, the Wyrm-Blooded possess hybrid weapons made of demonjade, weapons identicl to normal jade, save that the blood of the wyrm dragons add +2 to damage against normal Dragon blooded and materialized elementals. Charging 1 mote through the weapon the Wyrm blooded may strike dematerialized elementals if he or she is capable of perceiving them.

Anima Effects

    for 1 mote a wyrm blooded may do the following:
        - Bring his caste mark to  a soft glow
        - flare his Anima Banner enough to read by 
        - Sense demons
        - Sense Dragon blooded

Notes:The two Primordials featured are named and fashioned after the story of 2 summerian gods, the Father of the Gods and his bride to be.

New note: I just read Voidstate's Yozi aspected dragon blooded. I liked the idea, i was kinda struggling on some of the aspects. *coughs* a kinda lame smoke aspect for instance. Also, if some one can recall the name of the Acid like elementals that are unique to the Yozi realm, I'd appreciate the alteration. They were introduced in the GoD book ifthat helps...


ToBE/Adjorn ToBE/Cecylene ToBE/Ghostflame ToBE/Acid ToBE/Ebondragon


The demon is a Metody, a pseudo-elemental of Vitriol, the passive and consumptive element not used in the creation of the world. It's also called Theion To (paraphrased from GoD)
-- Darloth

Ahhh, thank you Darloth. I knew it started with M but couldn't remmeber anything else. Much thanks. :) -- ToBE

Interesting idea. Mind you, I can see them using Five Dragons Bound as One style or something similiar. Yes, I know... self-pimpage. Hmmm... also, why ghost flames? Why not the emerald flames of Ligier? I've also done some minor typo-corrections.
~ Haku