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Tears on Blighted Earth

not alot here yet since i'm just starting...this wikki thing is confoosing... gonna try and hobble together a Demon Exalted and a Wyrm Blooded type to go with the Abyssals. Might take a while to figure this all out lol.

Personal info

Hi, Name's drew, nice to meet ya *shakes hand* I'm from the East coast of the USA, North Carolina. Did a fair bit of gaming in Charlotte, did some on Jade when it first opened. Love all games of the Storyteller system. D20 is my mortal nemesis. :P I aslo like the old chool WEG Star Wars and alternity. Avid Fan of Harry Potter and Laura K Hamilton. (I've been told that i'm a clone of Harry Potter, scept with out the cool power *sighs*) Of all the white wolf games, Exalted has been one of my favorites, next to Aberant and the LARP system.


ToBE/WyrmBlooded ToBE/Demon