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Neptune, Lord of Mystery

Neptune is the most incomprehensible of the Lords, for his domain is not simple to describe; Neptune rules over things which no longer exist. He is the god of the unanswerable question, the unsolvable puzzle, things lost and never found again. When something passes out of history, Neptune is the one who ensures it never returns. He and his servants patrol the edges of knowledge, making sure that information which was lost remains lost and information which should be lost becomes so. Because of this, serving Neptune can be quite a challenge. He requires that his servants know a great deal of obscure information, but he becomes most displeased at attempts to uncover information that has passed from Jupiter's domain into his own. Those who seek the treasures of ages past often disturb him. Because of this, he is often known as the Scholar's Bane.

The Lord of Mystery looks well upon those who destroy knowledge. Unlike almost all other gods, his domain grew greatly in power after the Usurption and Contagion as much was lost forever. One of the best ways to draw his favor is with a good old fashioned book burning. Strange as it may be, he also enjoys making secrets known, possibly out of spite for his elder sister. Those who seek to find knowledge already known can hope to call upon him for favors.

The astrological house of Neptune is the Sunken Temple of Unknowns which includes the Owl, the Lock, the Ruin, the Temple and the Ghost. His color is grey and his favorite symbols are a burned book, the question mark and a broken pen. When he chooses to appear, Neptune takes on the form of an elderly, bearded man in grey, dressed after the fashion of a sailor. He associates himself with the waters of the Underworld.