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Charon, Lord of Souls

Charon is the god of reincarnation, the transition to Lethe and, in some ways, the Great Cycle itself. He of all the Lords has the domain most tied to Creation; it is Charon who spins the souls of the dead back into the Tapestry, forming the bridge between the Underworld and Creation. Charon looks well on those who enter Lethe without stopping in the Underworld but also smiles on those Ghosts who willingly choose Lethe once they have finished their business in Creation. He is adamantly opposed to the forces of the Malfeans and loathes the disciples of the Void for they are the negation of all he stands for.

The Lord of Souls is unlikely to entangle himself in the afairs of the living or the dead but he can be roused to activity when the chance comes to offer aid to those who oppose the Malfeans and their agents. He will also appear at times to those in the throes of Abyssal Exaltation and offer them a chance to enter Lethe, giving warning of the fate that awaits them elsewise. He has also appeared to several Deathlords, attempting to tempt them into Lethe as well, though he has been rebuffed by most.

When Charon chooses to make an appearance he takes the form of a stoop-backed man in tattered brown robes, face hidden in shadow. His hands are strong from moving the Broken Barge of Souls across the threshold of death and he speaks in whispers. Charon favors the color brown and his symbols are golden coins, barges and rafts as well as those who pilot them. The Lord of Souls rules the Broken Barge of Souls which contains the constellations of the Wound, the Vulture, the Barge, the Bone and the Storm.