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Hecate, Lord of Darkness

Called the God of Darkness, Hecate rules the domain of night and travel not only within the Underworld but to and from it. He is the god of Shadowlands, of doorways and salt. He is the one prayed to when attempting to call forth a ghost from the Underworld or to send a sacrifice to one already there. Of all the Lords, he is the one most concerned with Creation for his domain is the edges of the two worlds. Because they are his domain, he encourages the growth of Shadowlands. He is sometimes set against his brothers Neptune and Pluto who are more inclined to limit interaction between the living and the dead, but he does not directly impinge upon their domains.

Necromancers, bone-casters and Shadowland-dwellers are some of Hecate's favorites. Among the dead he favors those who care for their unfinished buisness in Creation and travel far and wide within the Underworld. Merchants, messengers, traders and ambassadors often prey to Hecate for safe guidance. Along with his brother Neptune, he is the one to ask for a safe passage across the Dead Seas. Hecate's attention is best drawn at the edge of Shadowlands or in a doorway. Salt is his favorite sacrifice.

The astrological house of Hecate is the Sinister Theatre of Shadows, including the signs of the Spider, the Shadow, the Rune, the Mourner and the Betrayer. His color is black and when he appears it is in the form of a tall, lean man dressed all in black. He is generally depicted with a too-trustworthy smile and a dark mustache and goatee with oiled hair. His favored symbols are salt, doorways, road signs, spiders, cockroaches, rats and other creatures associated with darkness.