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So this is a wiki, eh? Fabulous. I should be putting up content on characters, NPCs, my campaign setting, charms, and maybe an artifact or something. Enjoy it.

So, tell me a bit about yourself?

I've graduated from UCSC and now I'm done with the whole school thing. I spend my time either gaming, dicking around on-line, or reading. I'm horribly lazy so this thing might not get updated with content all that often. Also, I hate you. Specifically.

What gaming experience do you have?

Started down the slippery slope of nerdness close to nine years ago. Started by playing Rifts. After that I was hooked. I started playing whatever I could get my hands on. D&D. Heroes Unlimited. Vampire. Werewolf. God help me, even the Indiana Jones RPG. Then, about 4 or 5 years ago, I found Exalted. It's been my game of choice ever since. Oh sure, I'll relapse occasionally and play some other games but I never get the same high as off of that sweet golden goodness.

Grnegsnspm? Is that like Greg something? I don't get it.

It's Green Eggs and Spam. It's an old, old, old stupid thing and I've been using it as a screenname too long to change to something else. Deal.


Alright, hopefully this should get my friends to shut their dirty mouths. Yes, I actually have content to put in here. Amazing. Enjoy the parade of people and places. I know I do.


Grnegsnspm/Verdance He is currently in the Six Baronies. This setting is talked about more at length at Teflonshugenja's site


Grnegsnspm/EpicExalted Essence 5 campaign set 50 years in the future from the starting date in the book


Grnegsnspm/Builder - Twilight craftsman. Friendly, intelligent, and able to reflexively throw a yeddim.

Grnegsnspm/TepetVostov - Zenith general and dancing jackass. Commands an army that includes the remains of the Tepet Legions.


Teflonshugenja - He has lots of info but that's because he's been at this wiki thing longer.

Lottelita - Well, at least she has more info than I do. That's gotta count for something.

Punslinger - The guy who wrote most of the Exalted Drinking Song.


Welcome to the wiki.BTW love the handle - Issaru

Woo! Nice to see a fellow Slug around. I graduated as a Crownie in 2001. -- IsawaBrian