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Punslinger's Exalted Page

Sorry, better title coming soon, I hope

Apparently introductions are in order. The name's Jake. If you don't know that, you're probably the first visitor to my wikipage who I don't know in rl. Congratulations! I'd give you a prize if I wasn't desperately poor.

Somehow or another I snapped and began systematically insulting every major player, NPC, and several villains in various Exalted games my friends and I have ever run. The result: thePunslinger/ExaltedDrinkingSong. Sung (if you're that brave, or that cruel to random bystanders)to the tune of "The Irish Drinking Song," by (Jon, please insert the name of the band here- you know, that crazy a capella group you like).

What the hell do you know. I am slowly accruing content.

I have also started adding some of my artwork here and there- mostly as character portraits here and at Teflonshugenja's page. Woo! Now I have my art on the internets like everyone else and his dog.



My custom campaign setting, in the North. Set amid the crumbling ruins of the once great empire of Bagrash Kol.



Punslinger/Deathlord The Crimson Weaver of Subtle Venoms, former Twilight with a knack for diplomacy and organization.

/Kolan Campaign Synopsis

/Kolan Player Characters

/Major NPC's of Kolan

Punslinger/KolanWarCampaign Bec's done his spy thing, so you can read this now.


Teflonshugenja is the madman who introduced me and pretty much everyone I know to Exalted. He has my unswerving loyalty as a result to certain of his house rules. I can count on him to call bullshit if I start playing too fast and loose with the rules. Details about my PC in his Barony game can be found here as well.

Grnegsnspm is my best friend and chief gaming buddy of something obscene like 9 years. He's a witty fellow. He gamed with me and mine for quite some time, moved away, then came back to us, and now is probably going to be moving away again. Faugh! He will have to master the art of video chat, or arrange for one of our other wayward player's return when he goes.

Lottelita is a guest-star player of mine, who tends to breeze through just long enough for us to want to keep her around on a more permanent basis. She's remarkably good at character design, and adds positive things to any game she's involved in. Beyond just the funyuns. We're trying to get her in on some of the action through video chat, but technical difficulties stand in the way.

Darkkling apparently thinks of me as a gaming nazi. Oh, well. Her site is very good, though, and I hold her in fairly high esteem even if she doesn't return the favor. :p Hopefully she'll post more of her awesome campaign setting soon.

TheIronJef is, after over a year of gaming with us, no longer the new guy except in the relative to everyone else sense. He has a knack for getting past character-design hangups in about a fifth the time it took the rest of us, having recently delivered Alkurah, one of the best PC's I've ever seen in any game, for our perusal.

Karate Bum has been with the group since the beginning, but has moved away to the frozen north to the ancient and cyclopean city known in hushed whispers as Calgary. Even so, through the wonders of video chat, his floating head joins us on a computer screen to continue the games more or less weekly.

External Links

This random crap has some bearing on Exalted as filtered through the lens that is Jake.

Tangled Fates is Darkkling's awesome brainchild- a free message board for our Exalted cohorts. This is basically our sandbox, where we hash out crazy house rules, where I post artwork before archiving it here, where we all write our character-based fiction, what have you. Worth a look even if you're not interested in any of that is the Theory section, where we get into some fairly heavy game theory discussons. Well, Teflonshugenja does, and we all try to keep up.

My Deviant Art Page is my online art gallery. Something like 90% of it is Exalted-related.