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I'm a 24-year-old teacher-in-training in Northern California who's back to dabbling with Exalted.


My first Exalted character was Maitreyi, a larval deathl -- er, a Twilight from Icehome. I played her briefly in the fall of 2004.




Play Logs (from Mai's perspective, so it won't capture everything, obviously)

Lottelita/SessionOne : The Circle Comes Together


Rikitsa's a DB I wrote up for a guest-spot in Punslinger's Serrania adventures. I fell in love with the Realm and DB stuff in general when doing research for Maitreyi's background, so it was awesome to actually create and play one of the little bastards.



Another guest for Punslinger and friends. She lives on in the setting as an NPC.


Because they're all doing it, and I'm a sheep

My wikibuds: Grnegsnspm, Punslinger, and Teflonshugenja. They were kind enough to let me spy on one of their sessions as I was trying to get my arms around the system, and they protect me from the evils of productive employment and academic success. Also, TheIronJef is one of my bestest friends and an excellent gamer. These four have hosted me as dramatic guest-star-o-the-week a coupla times. I hope to game more regularly with them via the wonder of webcams. OMG GEEKY.


Punslinger here. Why have you not posted the summary of your second session yet? I am greatly saddended. My lunch hour is significantly less interesting in its absence.