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Why Wiki?

So I've decided to start using the ExaltedWiki. Not for any particular reason of ease or because it has the community support, though I'm sure that'll be nice eventually. Mostly it's because the other website that I maintain may soon be going under as it is hosted on my school server and I graduate soon, so who knows if I'll still have acess in a couple weeks.

I'm also using this to disseminate information about the campaign setting that I'm creating for a summer (and possibly longer) campaign. It'll be neat, once I take the time to transfer notes from paper to computer.

Obviously people have opinions and ideas, and I assume that many of the people on the Wiki have their own. So feel free to make comments and sugesstions as you like, but do so at the bottom of the relevant page to keep things from getting cluttered and organized. I try to keep everything organized for easier reference.

Game Development

So, I do a little bit of game development as regards Exalted. It varies as to what type, but it's usually in relation to whatever game I'm doing at the time, especially if it regards my character. But I do other thigns as well, just for the hell of it.

Campaign Settings

Current Setting
Bernatak Harga -- set in the South East, deep in the jungles. There exists a giant set of seas high up in the plateaus of the mountains to the far west of Rathess which now are home to humans and their civilization. Once tis place was home to the Dragon Kings. It did not rival the First City in glory or magnificence, but played a pivotal role in their society and culture. Now the humans build their lives upon the bones of their predecessors.

Martial Arts

Fire Wind Style (Celestial MA) -- This is my first Martial Arts Style, first completed actually. It emphasizes speed and a first strike mentality, and it's practitioners have balls of solid steel and are incredibly acrobatic. Read it, you'll see why.
Style weapon(s): spear, short spear

Siaka Style (Celestial MA) -- This is the martial art style that I'm currently working on. Its origins have been prompted by the flavor of the setting I'm creating. I decided that there weren't enough martial arts to choose from and that none of them really had anything to do with the sea, or were all that great in relation to it. This style isn't specifically about the sea in all of its functions, but it has a particular flavor and things useful to life on the high seas.
Style weapon(s): kris (modified short sword)

Random Supplemental Knowledge

So, somehow, either through my own natural tendencies, or through subtle group maneuvering, I have found myself to be one of those who tends to figure out all of the nitty-gritty details in the gaming world. While many people, I am sure, would love to just overlook them for the sake of expediency and continuity of play, I've taken the position that if they're already calculated and integrated in a way that's simple and easy to use, then it adds to the game and helps it keep continuity. As such, I've done some work, which is presented below.

Horse Speed
Nautical Speed
Swimming Speed

Friends, Allies and Followers

Right, so the other people I openly associate with, at least those who have some sort of web-presence, either here on the Wiki or elsewhere.


Teflonshugenja -- Friend and roommate, and probably our primary stroyteller. He's also the one who we get to blame for getting us all into Exalted. Damn you! (only not really) He's also incredibly useful for the random theoretical shit that comes out of his head. Check out his page, it's sort of insane. The man's incredible with game theory.

Punslinger -- Another player, but also the secondary GM. He can be a bit of a gaming-Nazi at times, but every group needs one I suppose. Tends towards the dramatic and epic, but hey, it's Exalted.

Grnegsnspm -- A friend who has since moved away, but there is still contact occasionally, through the magics of the interweb.

... and others who I won't post right now, but will soon.