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Lightning Tongue</i>
 Cost: 4m; Mins:  Performance 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
 Keywords: Combo-Basic, Social
 Duration: Instant
 Prerequisite Charms: Master Orator Trance

Although the cut and thrust of debate are not as dependent upon seizing the initiative as physical combat, it can still be important to get the first word in. The same is true in the subtler manners of convincing-- music, dance, and so on. An orchestra does not require a "surprise" note, but a carefully timed opening can take listeners unaware-- and vulnerable to manipulation.

Thus, the Lightning Tongue charm allows the character to get a metaphorical "jump" in social combat. Whether it is seizing the initiative of a debate, timing an orchestra to open <i>emotionally when the listeners are relaxed and unwary, or some other manifestation of Performance, the character has a boost in Social Combat. This Charm supplements a Join Debate Action, adding a number of bonus dice to the roll equal to the Solar's permanent Essence. The character's first action must be a Performance Social Attack.

 Cost: 2m; Mins:  Performance 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -0)
 Keywords: Combo-OK, Social
 Duration: Instant
 Prerequisite Charms: Lightning Tongue

Amidst the mass clash of sound or debate, the Solar makes a sudden change of chords, or an abrupt call to action. The Solar's words or emotional urgings are swift and unexpected; she makes a single Social attack with a Speed of 3 and DV of -0.

<i>Rapid Meter</i>
 Cost: 2m per action; Mins:  Performance 3, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
 Keywords: Combo-OK, Social
 Duration: Instant
 Prerequisite Charms: Swiftstroke

Even the most stodgy traditionalist or tone-deaf boor can be convinced or emotionally manipulated with sufficient swift application of empowered speech and performance. A Solar who has a certain understanding of his art can perform with melodic speech, overwhelming lesser minds in the storm of sound. The Solar reduces by 1 the Speed of a number of Performance-based Social Attacks equal to half the number of motes spent (round down) on this charm. A maximum of (Performance) actions may be so altered.

<i>Harmonious Pulse-Taking Methodology</i>
 Cost: --; Mins:  Performance 5, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
 Keywords: None
 Prerequisite Charms: Swiftstroke

A Solar with sufficient experience in the arts of debate and performance can develop a sense for the living heartbeat of social interchange- a sense for the esoteric Essence of socialization that allows her to seize the initiative in Social Combat. Always double her Join Debate dice if the first action to be taken is an Performance action. The character may also double the mote cost for Lightning Tongue in order to add a number of successes to the roll equal to his permanent Essence, rather than dice.

<i>Susurration of the Lawgiver</i>
 Cost: 10m, 1 wp; Mins:  Performance 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 5 in Long Ticks)
 Keywords: Combo-Basic, Social
 Duration: One Scene
 Prerequisite Charms: Harmonious Pulse-Taking Methodology, Rapid Meter

One of the more powerful mind-control techniques available to a Solar, Sussuration of the Lawgiver can swiftly overwhelm the resolve of those who would stand in his way-- or drive them to madness. Once activated, the Solar's words (or other performance) seem to run together.

Within every pronouncement or declaration is the seed of the next; even as he is calling the populace to arms, the Lawgiver is beginning an exhortation to raise those arms against the local potentate. A seemingly endless stream of social attacks can be made with incredible speed. The Solar's voice hums with pure command and vibrant emotion, his tones and words so rich and vibrant that he is nigh-irresistible.

Until the end of the scene, subtract 1 from the Speed of any Performance action or Charm. This is not cumulative with other Charms that reduce Speed, and this bonus is not compatible with the Speed of a Swiftstroke. At Essence 5, increase this reduction to 2 or half initial Speed, whichever is greater. In either case, there is a minimum Speed of 1 for any action.

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