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  • Does damage from elemental effects like the Fire effect of Dragon-Graced Weapon or from a Terrestrial Exalt's anima banner have a minimum damage equal to the attacker's Essence?</b>
  • <b>How does the extra ping from Violet Bier of Sorrows Form work in Powercombat? Doesn't the new rule of Essence-ping make the MA-ping of VBSF alot less useful than it used to be? How to fix this?


  • Q:How does wielding more than one weapon work under the Power Combat rules?</b>
    • <b>A: (from WW Forums) I would say you can't exceed the Rate of the highest Rated weapon for your total number of attacks, nor can any weapon's number of attacks exceed its rate. - Geffrey C. Grabowski, Exalted Developer, WWGS, raindog@white-wolf.com -- Doctweasel
  • Q:What are the guidelines one would use to convert a weapon or attack from normal combat to Power Combat stats? I notice you have a lot of that going on in the previous page, and it might be useful to have some general guidelines as well as providing general ideas.</b> -- CrownedSun
    • <b>A: I did it purely through eyeballing. In some cases, such as with the Heavenly Thunder Leaves, I based the stats on the non-magical version, and just added a lot of points. In other cases, for example, the Daiklaive of Conquest, I just designed it so it was all-round better than a Daiklaive, which it was in the rules. With the Lightning Chain, I just gave it a nifty new power which I thought would be cool under the new rules. -- Ascendance


Compromise suggestion moved to the new dual wielding discussion. - ReallyBored

Um... how many people do you know who can split their dice pool 16 times? Before charm bonuses? Anyone who has stats like that; and about the only ones are going to be Elder Lunars; are going to have more powerful techniques than something as mundane as attacking with multiple limbs. -Fifth

Moved dual-wielding houserules guidelines to FixThePowerCombatRules/DualWielding as per MF's suggestion. - ArchonShiva

Thanks! --MF

Oh, and is this really going to be a FAQ (which implies having answers for the questions), or a discussion page? Perhaps we should move it to Discussions/PowerCombat instead. --MF again

On VBoSF-- yes, it is less useful than it was before. Its main area of use is between Essence 1 and Essence 5. I don't see a problem with this- the whole style is a wee bit overpowered (I don't object to that too much; it's the martial arts style for the martial arts specialists of the martial arts specialists) and I can easily see this as a limited bennie. -- IsawaBrian

I think it was also made with that concept in mind. She knew there was going to be Ess ping later, but added it as a benifit anyway. - haren

Another thought on VBoSForm that I've had is that it's great for fighting spirits and demons and such. The Virtue-eating (which is, in my opinion, the primary effect of the Charm) corrodes their ability to fight back at full force, and the increased ping could be viewed as a sort of field-leveling effect. Regarding BotBM, that Charm never allowed you to split your dice pool more times than you could without it. Charm dice are added after multiple action penalties. - David.