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Hello...this is a collection of some of my most favorite exalted stuff. I have been playing exalted for a few years now. I was never into these sorts of games. Whether they be live action role playing or table top, I didn't even know it existed until college. Well college is over and I still play this wonderful game. Before college, I was the scholar athlete that typically one thinks of as the guy that beats up gamers. I personally would never do that, but a lot of gamers get that jocky feel from me. Well here is some info on games I've played, characters I have and info about them. I'll also include links to pages of other people that I think have quality work and opinions.

= Characters =

I play in two games. In one game I play a Zenith and in the other I play a Full moon. The Zenith's name is Cole and the Full Moon's name is Unrelenting Mountain. Both games have been going on for years and all the characters in the games are very powerful, 1000 experience points and higher. I had other characters in these games, but they died...either by result of natural disaster (avalanche) and suffocating, a Dawn's limit break (which my limit break set off, so it was my fault), the wyld hunt, etc. etc. Both my characters have proven themselves able to survive. They are at a stage where it is very hard to kill them now. Either they can't be injured (Cole), or have so many health levels, soaks and regen (Mountain) that he is unstoppable. But the st is crafty and evil, so as all our characters grow very powerful, our enemies grow even more powerful. And as we are too good and tough for db's to handle, our enemeies tend to be Infernals, Abyssals, Death Lords, hordes of Fair Folk....and even Solars turned bad.


Cole, Zenith, Pillar of the Sun

He has the appearance of a 25 year old man. He is about 6'2" and is well built. He has long shoulder length hair that sometimes dangles in his face. His body used to be covered in scars from when he was a slave prior to his exaltation. When Cole learned Terrestrial Circle Sorcery he had to sacrifice something superficial; Cole chose his pigment in his body. He has an unusual appearance. Cole has white hair, skin and eyes. His presence is disturbing at times as people don't always know where to look. On Cole's left shoulder there is a tatoo of a large sun burst. Below this used to be the glifs of the elements of terrestrials Cole had killed in his rambunctious days as a youthful Solar. He has since had them removed as he no longer needed his trophies, and no longer has his hate for all terrestrials. His body is covered in tatooes of orichaliculm which break up his milky complection. The tatooes filled in the above mentioned scars. The tatooes are a level 5 artifact armor that he crafted. The tatooes are called, "Words of Protection and Guidance". The tatooes start at his elbows and go up to his shoulders, around his back and chest. They tell a story, written in high holy speech about the Unconquered Sun's might and glory. And how through his guidance and power, circles of Solars have been able to set right the wrongs of the past and cleanse the world of the unrighteous and evil. Across his back and down Cole's spine are the Commandments of the Sun, words the Sun spoke to Cole in a vision. The circle was going through hard times and were being tested daily. As the spiritual leader of the group, Cole prayed to the Sun for guidance, and the Sun said to him to remind his circle of their duties as servants to him and creation.

And so the Sun said, "The Dawn shall have lordship and dominion over creation. Yet the chosen warriors of the light must also serve, giving their lives to defend creation from its thousand fold enemies. The Zenith shall be considered first among the chosen, but with such status they must serve as a blazing example of my righteous glory. The Twilight shall have as their divine right, province over all knowledge. As they are the rightful bearer of such knowledge, they must spread this knowledge to all who will listen. But also to serve as the appointed guardian of such knowledge, shielding it from the wicked and unworthy. The Night shall be the holy agents of my retribution. They shall carry forth into the world my wrath incarnate to those who would defy my glory, and prove themselves to be unrighteous. The Eclipse are the appointed keepers of my world, and all those who over see its direction. They must serve as an instrument of mine and their intent to the living world." Whenever the circle would fall off course, they would refer to the Sun's words, and find their way once again. On Cole's forearms he wears a pair of gauntlets which are also level 5 artifacts that he crafted. Pure orichaliculm with a slight splash of starmetal for beauty. They are called the Purifying Retribution of the Sun.