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Bitter Forest Savage Style
This Style is not applicable with armor although it may be practiced with a Forest Savage Cloak. Treat attacks with Tiger Claws and War Boomerangs as unarmed attacks for the purposes of charms in this style. To learn this martial art, a character must possess at least two dots in Survival.

There are those savages and wildlings, shamans and warriors of the east that strike fear in even the barbarians of the other directions. These monsters of the wood embody life and death as well as the struggle for continued existence. They live for and on personal strength. With the viciousness and appearance of Forest Kings these Savages, as they are usually called, stride through and vanish amoung the trees of the east.

At the same time Savages embody wisdom and instinct…they are animals and shamans, they are tribal gods. A Bitter Forest Savage is hardened by the harsh cold life of the northeastern forest living on the edge of life and death. The Savage hunts and lives like the animal, the barbarian, and tribesman. There is a dark brutal instinctual wisdom in the emulation of the wild places. While Monks seek asceticism the Savage knows such vanity for the lie that it is. Savages live the harsh border the ascetic seeks and find more strength in the fight at that edge than the false mystic ever could.

Savages master the art of choosing their ground, they know that terrain is strength and their closeness to the land and attunement to the essence of the wilds lets them do this better than any other.

Stylists train in the wild surviving as they can and becoming close to the land and the beasts. They follow animals and emulate them, learning from them and internalizing the ways of the beast. They live close to the land and amoung the trees sometimes not touching the ground for weeks or months. They practice moving quickly and stealthily through branches faster and faster until the Savage bleeds mixing their blood with that of the forest. The Stylists learn the drugs and poisons of the east experiencing most and using the drug and poison induced hallucinations to further master their connections with the land. They use the same drugs to commune with spirits and elementals finding wisdom in their harsh morality.


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Battle-Claiming Stance</b>

<b>Predator’s Gaze</b>

<b>Harmony in Strife</b>

<b>Oppressive Dread Awakening</b>

<b>Cornered Beast Retaliation Stance</b>

<b>Bitter Forest Savage Form</b>

<b>Savage Blow</b>

<b>Tree-Slayer Strike</b>

<b>Seek the Worthy Foe</b>


<b>Emulation of Animals Approach</b>

<b>Wildling Mysticism</b>

<b>One with the Ancients</b>

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