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All of these entries will just be the unit stats, no info on Leaders, Relays or special characters. Offering is meant to be modular, so you can just stick the appropriate NPC at the head of their horde/legion/whatever.

To get the Abyssal Command Background at level 5 (Using Undead instead of Mortal Troops) take 23 Talons of Zombies and 4 Talons of War Ghosts, add command staff, plans for carnage and stir. - Malikai


Would you mind if others tossed up additional unit stats here? I've already got a few beastmen units statted.

Maybe it's time for a "Units compendium" that links to such pages? I've got a few up myself -- BillGarrett
Amendment - it's done. Check Armies
Sounds like a plan to me - Malikai

How did you stat up your Zombie talon, assuming the blend of non-extra and extra zombies? I've been trying to find the rules on mixing different types of creatures into a single unit, besides just "average everything." -- Miedvied

I actually only used the stats on the common zombies, and modified the magnitude to account for the health levels. The Non-Extra zombies aren't involved in enough of a quantity to throw off the stats. there wound up being functionally 160 members to the unit ((12*10)/3=40)+120=160 - Malikai

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