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Lexicon of Elder Days Backlink Requests



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The backlink request forum is now open.\\ Requesters: State your desired letter(s) and name.\\ Linkers: State who you are backlinking for and the back-phantom you've added.\\ This will help us keep track of who needs what backlinks and which have been made. - willows

Please note that if you're putting a back-phantom in one of your entries, it counts as one of your phantom citations. That is, every entry has two phantom citations, no matter what, even if one is a back-phantom.\\ ~ Shataina

Also, if you join late and request back-phantoms, you still get to write your own, new, original A entry; you don't need a phantom for it.\\ ~ Shataina

Requests yet to be filled

  • Senji: Any letter other than J! -- or I or E

Back-links yet to be written

Discordant Jangle Engagement - originally for Alabrax -- lapsed into fair game for all

Lexicon/Hagiographies - fair game for all Lexicon/IndistinctEpic, originally for Senji -- lapsed into fair game for all

Lexicon/FlagrantMalevolence, cited inMiasma Poetica, is also for Senji. ~ Shataina


My backlinks are coming... they are yet to be written but they are coming. I just have not felt the need to jump all over these like I have when its a new letter and everyone is waiting. Alabrax

RE: Decia Dakar

Oops. I'll give you a D with my next entry if you can wait that long. I completely forgot this time. Sorry. - Voidstate
Hey Voidstate, wasn't the deal that you were going to editJacquerie Five Kingdoms and give it a new D that wasn't Decia Dakar? I thought that was what was going to happen, in order to avoid too many backlinks.\\

~ Shataina

Not sure I should change someone else's entry... I'll just wait until my next letter - Voidstate
Hmm, well, okay. <shrug> I guess it's pretty immaterial where the D backlink comes from.\\

~ Shataina

Just making sure people with backlinks know that they have them.\\ ~ Shataina

Voidstate, I dont do very well writing entries for people, so I'm going to take the Diaries entry instead. Thanks for the backlink anyway. - Telgar

No problem. :¬) I'm sure someone will fill it. - Voidstate

I was thinking about going back and working on some backlinks, but I've noticed a lot of them still have dibs claimed on them. Are these ancient dibs from when the letters were first reached? Do they still hold? - Dimitryi

These are dibs in the sense that the person who made the backlinks originally made them for those particular people. You are more than welcome to work on anything that has dibs with my name on it; life has pooped on me considerably much, and I am officially withdrawing from the Lexicon, which I should have announced sooner. --dissolvegirl

That's too bad, I really love your stuff.  :( - Dimitryi

Crossposting:\\ Lots of people aren't writing their backlinks. Maybe we should put a time limit on them or something so that if someone leaves their backlinks alone for like two weeks or a month or whatever, and someone else wants them, the new person can take it.\\ Or we could just stop writing backlinks for people specifically (although we make sure that there's a request for one before we write one), and then allow whoever comes along first to take 'em the same way we do normal letters. That seems fairer to me than the system we have now and would also allow more flexibility for those who are actually writing the backlinked entries.\\ ~ Shataina

Agreed. - Voidstate
I agree too. There are backlinks I would do if they weren't already claimed by someone who appears to be sitting on 'em.  :) - Dimitryi
Here's the system I suggest. I have no idea how quickly revisions go away on the "View Other Revisions" link (you know how they disappear after a while?) but I suggest that once the revision that put up a given backlink has disappeared, all dibs are nullified. This would mean that all of the current backlinks except forLexicon/FlagrantMalevolence would be freed up.\\

Any storms of protest?\\ Obviously people would only be able to fill in one phantom per letter, just like always. And if the backlink someone wants is taken, they can request more. Speaking of which, Dimitryi, do you want backlinks?\\ ~ Shataina

I don't really need any backlinks. I'm keeping busy as we move onto new letters, and if I had the free time to do more, I'd rather fill in backlinks that have been abandoned, or letters where we couldn't fill up everything (like M and such). - Dimitryi
Okay, no storms of protest seem to have manifested, and it's been a while. So I officially declare all backlinks previous toLexicon/FlagrantMalevolence to be fair game.\\

~ Shataina

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