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Alabaster Enforcer, The

A strange model of Golem was created by the Twilight Solar, Rage of Seraphs, and after many prototypes, she finally created the perfect automaton. The Alabaster Enforcer was a vaguely man shaped construct made entirely of animated alabaster. In addition to being extremely strong and resistant to damage, the golem carried unsettlingly potent magics.

The golem’s body was just over nine feet tall, and half that wide at the shoulder. The thing bore no head, though the rough outlines of a face were carved into the center of the chest. The alabaster that the golem was made from was of an astonishing quality, without flaw or crack, though the luster that polished alabaster usually carried was not apparent on the beast.

The Enforcer was strong enough to walk through wooden walls or doors, though its strength and fighting potential were not what made the thing so fearsome. The golem, for all its lack of emotion or vocal capabilities, was able to utilize Sorcery of the Terrestrial Circle. In combat it was as likely to utilize Death of Obsidian Butterflies as its fists.

The golem was put to use enforcing the laws of her home city of Arjuf, and it served thusly for a number of decades with incredible success. The automaton showed an ever-increasing intelligence over time, and as it progressed, its ability in using sorcery grew. Rage of Seraphs was considered to be both a genius and a monster. Her creation, while marvelous, was regarded as a fluke and an abomination by the Council of Magical Constructs, who felt that its abilities were far too potent to have in a constructed creature.

After the demise of Rage of Seraphs, the creature took her position and her manse as its own. The creature was blamed for the demise of its creator by a rather ambitious Solar of the Eclipse case who wanted the manse for himself, and executed the destruction of the creature under that pretense. No evidence has ever arisen to support or deny the claims of the accuser.

- Mnemon Talneth, Scholar

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