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The Keeping and Disregarding of All Intention

From the journals of Amelthelas of Meru, Physician and Demon-binder

I have spoken with Glamorous Composition once again, attempting to learn more about the events that led up to the Indenture of Dragons and the execution of the Alabaster Enforcer. Though she dismissed the actions of her fellows in the Metaphoric Crafter's League as follies and unworthy of attention, it was plain that she knew more than she would speak of willingly, and so I used my arts to wring the truth from her.

It seems that once King Amirrutzes unleashed the Metaphoric Crafter's League upon the world, Seven Eyes of Deceit suggested to its fellows that Glamorous Composition be released from Flying Dismissal and allowed to occupy another form. The means by which it proposed to enact its plan was an artifact spun of dreams and fancies, alloyed with morality, and encased in a perfect jewel of "anti-volition". (I am uncertain if this concept of the Yozis and their slaves can truly be understood by any mortal mind.) This device, called the Keeping and Disregarding of All Intention, would be attached to the League's target, which would then be emptied of all will, desire, and capacity for independent thought or action. These qualities would be absorbed by the Keeping and Disregarding, which would contain them in an aesthetically pleasing form as it allowed the bodies of the League's targets to be used as vessels by Glamorous Composition and the League's other members.

That the League's plan failed, there is no doubt, for once Glamorous Composition was free of Flying Dismissal, she was banished to Malfeas along with the rest of the League. However, from her statements, it seems that this was not the result of any flaw in the Keeping and Disregarding of All Intention. Rather, it seems that she had an aesthetic falling-out with the League's other members, culminating in a refusal to possess the Alabaster Enforcer because the gesture was indecorous and artistically displeasing.

One is almost tempted to thank Glamourous Composition for her stubborness, for her split with her comrades in the League seems to have derailed their design for the Unification and Aesthetic Improvement of Creation. It is clear that Seven Eyes of Deceit has not given up on the goal of Unification, however, as its recent activities in creating the Lacunae of Hope are clearly designed to advance that plan.