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Council of Magical Constructs

From the diary of Pale Shadow, The Void Sage, transcribed by Paradise Cloud, scribe of the Immaculate Order:

[Ed: In this excerpt we discover the depths of the Anathema's infidelity. Even when they tried to obey the Natural Order (in this case, with the foundation of a council to hold back their cruel arrogance), their nature would not allow it. They were demons, and as such, were incapable of holding to the Just and Wise laws the Immaculate Order has since revealed.]

It has been a recurrent question during this age, argued by kings and philosophers alike, but now is more relevant than ever: As chosen of the Unconquered Sun, what are the bounds of our power? What acts are the domain of Gods alone and not their chosen?

In these sad times, when pridefulness rules our kind, one cannot but wonder whether we shall be deposed for our cruel whims and careless rule, just as we once deposed the Primordials, for did they not also use mortals as mere playthings?! Our Solar Despot-Kings obey no edict but their own desire and, though many claim it is not so for them, we Zeniths receive no true word from our Lord, Sol Invictus. Such is our arrogance, even He has turned his face from us. Not even in The Age of Amarnath were we so blind.

Yet it has not always been so. There was a time when we knew restraint. Did we not sign the Treaty of Bells? Did our kind not form the Council of Magical Constructs?

Ah! If only the Council of Magical Constructs were still here to remind us of our boundaries! Zeniths of that council accepted that we who are born of mortal flesh were exalted not to create life, but to rule over it. They understood that those of our kind who overstep the boundaries of our power must be Cast Down Without Mercy and their bodies smashed, so their shards would be released to be born into those more worthy. [Ed: This paragraph is scrawled upon the page as if its writer could hardly control his inner rage. Another sign that demon urges dwelt even within the breasts of those Anathema who called themselves 'pious'!]

The council was charged with ensuring that no object made by our kind was imbued with either intelligence or the ability to channel essence. And so it was until that fool, Jubilant Willow, made his decision to end the Grand Solar Monarchy in exchange for a demon's kiss, and the Pariah Worm was released once more into Creation. Ah! The folly of our kind. Again I lament our arrogance and fear for the future! [Ed: Repentance will not suffice, Foul Demon. Your eyes were open to your evil and yet you stood idly by. It fills my heart with joy that you were Cast Down with the rest of your wicked kind.]

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-Voidstate (PS Sorry if this is a bit long. I got carried away... I'll try to keep future entries within the word limit.)