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Sample Wyld Hunt

This is an experienced Dragon-Blooded Wyld Hunt, composed primarily of Immaculate Martial Artists with two secular sorcerer/warriors acting as transport and backup. One of the last remaining "rapid mobile" forces available to the Hunt in the Age of Sorrows, this 7-person unit can reach anywhere in the Threshold in a a day or three, supplementing their considerable personal might with local back-up if needed (though such back-up is not always accessible, particularly in the benighted depths of the River Province).

The Hunt is composed of:

  • Mnemon Sharlu, an elder of the Hunt and mistress of the Earth Dragon Style. (400 xp)
  • Tepet Chesu, master of the Water Dragon and bloodthirsty killer. (300 xp)
  • Peleps Mindori, master of the Wood Path and Sharlu's most devoted follower. (300 xp)
  • Petal of Ash, Lost Egg Immaculate on the Way of Fire. (200 xp)
  • Sour Thistle, vicious and untrustworthy outcaste Immaculate walking the Path of the Air Dragon. (200 xp)
  • V'neef Reqev, Air-Aspected graduate of the Heptagram, battle-minded scholar and budding psychopath. (200 xp)
  • Mnemon Felica, Heptagram-trained warrior, martial artist and swordswoman, a Fire Aspect. (200 xp)
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