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El Seed, the Plentyful Pod

Artifact •••
Green jade daiklave
(Spd +7, Acc +1, Dmg +6L, Def +1, Rate 4, Min Str •• Piercing) (POWER COMBAT!)
(Spd +0, Acc +1, Dmg +6L, Def +1, Min Str •• ) 
Commitment: 6 motes

This long, curved pod shaped blade has a series of bulges along it. Infact, it is not sharp, but being an artifact, does lethal damage anyway. It is weilded by holding onto the stem of the pod. While reasonably effective in combat, this is not it's primary purpose. After the weapon is bonded, the owner can swing the blade and reflexivly cause the trailing edge to open, sowing the seeds within. To do this, the weilder makes a standard melee roll. Each success sows one seed and costs 1 mote of essence, the weilder may sow less seeds than this if they desire, or run out of essence. Other than the weilders essence, there is no limit to the number of seeds that can sown in an action. This effect is compatible with both splitting actions, extra action effects and charms that allow the weilder to increase their dice pool or number of successes. It is possible to combine this with an attack, although each melee success must be used toward sowing or attacking, never both. This may be decided either before or after active defences are rolled, although successed nullified by active defences may not be used for either purpose. Each seed grows into a mobile plant minon and will act normally on the next turn. Pod minions have the statistics of a zombie, with the following exceptions. They are flammable, do not stink(they smell nice when roasted actually), do not help wounds become infected and are always extra's. They have an instinctive sense of weilders enemies and allies, but, like zombies, cannot follow complex orders. Their natural instict is to look for fertile soil to take root in. They last for a scene, after which they have either taken root, or died.

If the pods take root in apropriate soil, these plant minions become relativly normal, healthy bean plants, they are approximanly half of fully grown.


Original idea was Falcon's, at Falcon/BeanKlave.

I think that there's room for both of these in one setting. Anyone else want to make a Beanklave? - F