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Charm from MartialArtsRelay/TornadoOnTheSummit

Rejected due to it not really being a cooperative style. Kinda had to agree, so I stashed it here.

Mountain Holds Back the Storm - FlowsLikeBits

Cost: 3m
Duration: Till Next Action
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Social
Minima: MA 3, Ess 4
Prereq. Charms: Detris Scorning Core

Like a mountain, the charachter may hold back a storm of attacks. This produces a drought(of damage)in the protected area.

The charachter may coodinate a number of allies equal to his MA skill to produce a coordinated defence. This action is the same as a coordinated attack. The charachter rolls War + MA vs a difficulty of half the charachters coordinated. The coordinated defence starts on the coordinators next<i> action. The charachters so coordinated must act on the same tick as the coordinator(who may be one of those being coordinated), and they must be within the coordinators MA+Ess yards of each other and must stay within that range for the duration of the defence(leaving reduces the benefit if the DV bonus is larger than the number of charachters remaining). They must also take a miscellanious action(5/-1) to count as part of the defence.

After the coordination starts, till their next DV refresh, all affected charachters gain a bonus to their DV equal to number of successes on the coordination roll. The maximum bonus is the number of charachters coordinated.

The teacher must also deal with students, so it is possible to use this charm in a social context. This charm behaves like a reflexive charm in combo's.