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Original Version

From Exalted core rules.

Blaque's version

Make the Charm work like the the Abyssal or Terrestrial Extra Actions really. Flat cost for extra attacks. Its just flat-out easier to work with and doesn't cripple your Essence pool as quickly. Simply cap the attacks youc an make at your Archery or Essence and al is well I say. The cost would most likely be 3 motes per additional attack, up to the Solar's Essence rating.


Delta_I's version

This charm costs 2m per attack, and the exalted can make as many attacks as his dex+melee in a turn. Archery attacks are generally weaker than melee ones, and a solar can still use a good chunk of his essence going all out. The cost of a combo will still limit the number of enhanced attacks as well.

Quendalon's version

Halve the cost of the extra attacks. Thus, your second attack costs 2 motes, your third attack costs 3 motes, your fourth attack costs 4 motes, and so forth. (This is identical to ikselam's suggested edit to Peony Blossom Attack.)

HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness's version

make the charm cost [Number of atacks]^2. Buying 2 total(one extra) attacks costs 4 motes; Buying 2 extra(3 total) costs 9 motes; 4 total(3 extra) costs 16 motes; these are total costs.

Vote Tally

Original Version

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Blaque's Version

  1. Blaque
  2. Domon
  3. TheMyriadOfShades
  4. Morpheus
  5. Lipperman
  6. Mask of Winters

Delta_I's Version

  1. Delta_I

Quendalon's Version

  1. Quendalon
  2. CrownedSun
  3. MetalFatigue
  4. BrokenShade
  5. Darloth
  6. Scrollreader

I personally think that just making it a flat 3 or 2 motes (I say 3 personally) cost is the best way to go myself. It works a lot like other extra action Charms of this level and is less mathematical. Though, making it just cost two motes might be a better solution. I just think the simplest way to go is the best. I mean, right after this, you get Arrow Storm Technique, a potential army-killer. Stuff. -- Blaque

Uh, Blaque... correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't your version rended Rain of Feathered Death utterly superfluous? I don't see why I'd ever use RoFD if I could just toss unlimited arrows for 2 motes apiece. - Quendalon

My version caps at Essence, like the Dragon-Blooded extra action Charm. The edge to Rain of Feathered Death is that its one arrow hitting them your Essence times, not your Essence in individual arrows. The other advantage is that you need to only make one attack roll, hence I can see Acccuracy Wihtout Distance only being needed once, versus mulitple times if you want to really kill soembody (though, each damage roll is modified seperately.) Also, Rain of Feathered Death is supplemental, so it can be used for more total attacks then my verseio of Trance of Unhesitating Speed.

Another advantage to Rain of Feathered Death is its type when It hink of it. YOu can do other stuff in the turn you use this Charm. You can do Solar Archery Combo of Doom (TM) and then go about and start dodging, or parrying if you don't hae those yet, or do things like move away an the like. With Trance of Unhesitating Speed, like many other Extra Action Charms, you got the problem where you gotta attack, and defense has to be comboed.

And stuff. Blaque

I believe they changed this in the PG to 3 motes/attack, and that's perfect for me. --Mask of Winters

See? Its good enough to get in print;)\\

Stuff. Blaque

Put my two koku in. I think the PG did Solars a dis-service by making this and the melee version just ape the Abyssal versions. There should be differences. And it's fun running an abyssal out of willpower in a single turn.  :D