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This page provides a place to compile reports about mistakes that found their way into print. This is not the place to suggest changes for balance or playability. Rather, it is for items that were clearly errors.

Entries will generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • TYPO: A misspelled word, font error, or cut-off sentence.
Note the error and your best guess at the corrected sentence.
  • UNCLEAR: The text, as written, is incomprehensible, incomplete, or otherwise doesn't make sense.
Note the problem, but not your ideas to fix it. Put them in a comments section at the bottom of the page, if desired.
  • CONTRADICTION: The text clearly contradicts something in another book.
Cite the page in the other book, and link to the other book in this section. Put suggestions for resolving the conflict in a comments section at the bottom of the page, if desired.
  • SUPPLANTED: This text has been supplanted by a later book.
Note the supplanted text, and the book in which it was supplanted.
  • ERRATAED: This text has been ammended by an official errata.
Link to the relevent Errata page.

Entries should be in the following form:

||Page||Type|[Description||Reporter|| ||54||UNCLEAR|[The question asked for six times nine, but the answer given was 42.||Toram||

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Suggestion: Link to the Books page for a particular title from that title's FixTheSloppyEditing page, and vice versa. -- JesseLowe