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This is a page for official, or at least created by White Wolf authors, errata and post-production changes to the books. You may be looking for UpdatesAndRetcons, which is a fan attempt to log changes between books that are less errata than deliberate, or perhaps for WriterQuotes, the specific words of the writers. This is not a page for wikizen-created houserules; go to HouseRules for those.

Errata by Creature Type

White Wolf Author Errata


This page was a huge mess. People, please keep in mind that wiki indices generally already exist. And please don't post something in multiple places. For example, if you want to direct people to a writer quote, and you absolutely must use a separate page from the page that already exists for said writer quote in WriterQuotes, then it is very easy to simply add redirect. If you don't know how to redirect, consult TextFormattingRules. This isn't a sin or anything, it's just difficult to navigate and messy.
~ Shataina

This was also at ErrataLinks